The uphill challenge that most businesses face is to bring the entire workforce, especially the non-desk workers, together onto a single digital platform. That, in the times of the highly unsecure practice of using consumer apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for business communication in companies.

How to rock your first week with

The decision’s taken, deal’s done, and mobile employee communication platform’s onboarded in your organization. So the toughest part is over, right? Well, not quite. The uphill challenge that most businesses face is to bring the entire workforce, especially the non-desk workers, together onto a single digital platform. That, in the times of the highly unsecure practice of using consumer apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for business communication in companies. As an admin, you are also the internal brand ambassador of the platform. You are responsible to kickstart the process of uniting your workforce onto a secure single, secure, and overarching communication platform. And the first week is always the most crucial, since a great or not-so-great beginning creates a lasting impression on the minds of the users and impacts future usage patterns.

Worried much? Don’t be, because as easy communication and collaboration is on, a seamless roll-out is hardly a task as well. Not only have we specifically designed the platform to loop in non-desk workers without any restrictions, we have ensured that the initial days with the app is a cakewalk for both the admin and the users. Let’s look at some super-easy and highly effective steps to make a hit with your employees across the organization in the very first week itself.

Onboard employees

Create spots: Start off by creating a spot for your organization on A spot is a private communication network for an organization accessible strictly to its workforce. As an admin, you can create a single spot for your entire workforce or multiple spots for multiple business units or groups.

Configure them: You can configure your spot by adding a banner image, company logo, and other branding details. You can also configure your social settings. Communication model in the spots can be top-down where only admins can push out posts to users while having a tight control over communications within the company. Or it can be bi-directional, where everyone in the spot can interact with each other. This builds a collaborative work environment with greater transparency.

Populate spots: Once the spots are created, you need users to download the app and join. You, as an admin, can manually send out invites to employees to join the spot. This can be done using a bulk upload or even by adding users.

Onboarding a large number of employees to join a spot could feel like scutwork. So your employees can join your company’s spot simply by scanning a QR code. You could share the QR code via email or take a print out of the QR code and paste it around the office premises. This also helps in promoting the platform internally.

Once they get the invites, members can join through registration. Now we know that not all non-desk employees have corporate email IDs, which makes it tough for them to join official networks, as a result of which they mostly stay looped out., being designed exclusively for the non-desk workforce, eliminates this problem in the bud. Members can easily register themselves on the network using their personal/ official mobile number and email address.

Create groups: One huge put-off for employees on overarching communication platforms is irrelevant content. fights this off by enabling you to create groups for various target audience. There can be a separate group for the development team and a separate one for finance, where the members receive only those information that matter to them.

You can create groups feed-style, where users can view and post content like a feed, and like, comment on, and share it, and also chat-style, where users can chat one-on-one or as a group.

Engage employees

Spots and groups have to be kept active to create interest among employees. So start off by using our pre-built announcement template to distribute official information. Rest assured, you will be able to reach out to everyone included in the spots, including remote and non-desk workers.

Creating interest is only the start. To popularize the platform internally and sustain platform activity, you also have to engage employees through it. When the buzz starts picking up, you can use other templates like recognition cards (to show appreciation) or polls/ surveys (to feel the pulse of your employees) or Ideabox (to crowdsource ideas), and encourage employees to use them, to engage employees. What’s more, with our content services, you can push out relevant and high quality curated content to your target groups in the network.

Initiate a culture

Remember, if employee participation in the platform is just partial and not holistic, the effort will be counter-productive. The true potential of blossoms when everyone is actively engaged in the platform continuously. As an admin, you can take certain steps to ensure this:

Use only for business communication: No WhatsApp, no Facebook Messenger. Carry out sessions in the first week (or even before) on how ineffective and unsecure these consumer apps are when it comes to sharing business-sensitive information. And educate employees on the benefits of using the all-encompassing and robustly secure platform of for the same.

Make it fun: It doesn’t always have to be work stuff on your spots. Creating and promoting events (annual day, family day, company outing, etc.) and contests (selfie contest, photography contest, etc.) on also contributes to adding fun to your employees’ work life. On the other hand, it increases employee interest and participation in the platform.

Take constant feedback: Plans can’t be made in a vacuum. If you want to give your network a popular start, you need to constantly take feedback from the users and make plans to enrich the experience. Encourage employees to share their feedback through posts and one-on-one chats. You can also track user activity and involvement through rich and insightful metrics on’s intuitive dashboard that helps you take informed decisions.

You can check out the steps in further details in our help center page to experience a promising start with in your organization. Good luck!

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