An 80-year-old resort popular for its championship golf course and spa, Grand View Lodge (GVL) faced ongoing communications challenges among its 900 employees. As with many hotels, most of its employees were dispersed, working “in the field,” and didn’t have a corporate email address. As a result, it was hard for management and human resources to reach employees with timely communications. Further, employees were resorting to public messaging apps to communicate with each other – putting sensitive company information at risk. The hotel needed a secure way to enable real-time corporate and peer-to-peer communications that was easy for staff to use in the field.

The large resort was also being hampered by limited employee access to its Property Management System (PMS) software, the central hub for managing all operations. Because only the front desk had access to the PMS software, it had become a bottleneck for various departments such as housekeeping and maintenance, whose employees were unable to access information or update tasks. These delays also prevented real-time visibility into daily operations. The resort wanted a more responsive system that allowed broader task-based access for specific teams.


GVL created a company wide network using Groupe.io that allowed employees to easily onboard using their mobile number. Employees could access the company network from their personal or company-provided mobile devices or tablets, as well as from a computer or mobile browser.

Groupe.io also created apps tailored for various departments that enabled staff to directly access information, manage tasks, and make updates in the PMS software via their mobile device and/or tablet.

Powered by Groupe.io, GVL was able to

  • Send top down broadcasts such as announcements, policy changes, company news and more to the entire workforce.
  • Enable de-siloed communication between departments, leaders and teams via group and 1:1 chats.
  • Provide their staff real-time mobile access to log book, shift schedules, task lists and more.
  • Get a complete overview and have better control of day-to-day operations with real-time updates on pending and completed tasks.
  • Gather reports on metrics regarding usage and data.


  • Employees felt more connected to the company, better informed and more motivated on the job
  • 10%

    Lower attrition

  • 25%

    Increase in employee
    satisfaction score

  • Convenient access to information and task status in the PMS system reduced bottlenecks and increased efficiency
  • 50%

    Reduction in front
    desk calls by staff

  • 20%

    Reduction in cleaning
    time per room

  • 10%

    Increase in number of maintenance
    requests per day

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