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Internal Communications

Reach and engage your entire workforce, including frontline workers, with seamless internal communications that cut through organizational silos and language barriers. Personalize information delivery, track consumption, and measure what’s working.
Real-time broadcasts

Real-time Broadcasts

Send company-wide communications that reach your entire workforce on any device. Share announcements, company news, important updates, HR policies, and more.
Real-time broadcasts

Targeted Publishing

Target the right group of employees with information that’s relevant to them. Create groups based on roles/departments and send personalized content to your employees.
Real-time broadcasts

Instant Translations

Cut through language barriers with instant translations that ensure that every employee gets the message in the language of their choice via their employee app.
Real-time broadcasts

Post Pinning

Ensure that employees don’t miss critical updates and broadcasts, regardless of when they log in, by pinning the post to the top of the feed.
Real-time broadcasts

Read Receipts

Track and ensure that all employees have read and understood important communications with digital read-receipts.
Real-time broadcasts

Content Analytics

Leverage data analytics dashboards with drill-down functionality to measure communication effectiveness, glean insights, and understand what works.
Real-time broadcasts

Content Management System

Manage all your content from a single dashboard where you can get a preview of your broadcasts, customize who they should reach, and more.

Real-time broadcasts

Content Moderation

Keep an eye on the sort of content that goes up on your corporate network. Enable employees to report posts that violate your rules, and take immediate action.
Real-time broadcasts

Push, SMS & Email Notifications

Notify your employees instantly whenever important information is shared with push, SMS and email notifications.
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Onboard your frontline with ease, no corporate email required

Onboard via mobile number, email address, or even QR codes and make offboarding quick, easy and secure too.

Team Collaboration

Enable teams to work more efficiently with instant messaging, group conversations, collaboration tools, and easy access to the information they need, wherever they are.
Team Feed

Team Feed

Create team feeds for individual teams based on roles, locations, departments, or shifts.
Real-time broadcasts

Instant Messaging

Managers and employees can collaborate instantly with 1:1 messaging and group chats and securely share files and information.
Real-time broadcasts

Team Calendar

Schedule team meeting and discussion with the team in accordance with their shifts and timezones with the team calendar.
Real-time broadcasts

Employee Directory

Easily find and connect with any employee in the organization with an employee directory that integrates with your active directory.
Real-time broadcasts

Video Conferencing

Meet your coworkers face-to-face and collaborate better than ever with real-time video conferencing.
Real-time broadcasts

Document Library

Access training material, company policies, shift rosters, etc whenever you need to, from the unified document repository.
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Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are more productive employees. Give employees a voice, foster workplace engagement, and improve company culture with built-in engagement tools.
Team Feed

Pulse Surveys

Easily and conveniently ask for employee feedback and opinions on initiatives, events, policies, and more.
Real-time broadcasts

Employee Recognition

Endorse or recognize employees for a job well done via fun, social posts that can be shared on the company or team feed.
Real-time broadcasts

Idea Challenges

Provide a smart, convenient way to gather employee ideas and feedback that is equitable and accessible to everyone.
Real-time broadcasts


Allow more voices to be heard and increase engagement with an easy way to vote on anything! From ideas to event venues.
Real-time broadcasts


Provide a company-wide platform for employees to connect and sell items such as electronics, furniture, and more, all via the secure employee app.
Real-time broadcasts

Discussion Forums

Employees can connect with each other across departments and socialize with feeds based on interests or hobbies.
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Mobile Forms

Convert all paper forms to digital forms in minutes and collect structured data from anywhere. Improve efficiency, minimize manual errors, and reduce operating costs with digital forms.
Team Feed

Custom Digital Forms

Create custom digital forms for all your processes and customize them according to your unique requirements
Real-time broadcasts


Sign agreements and documents virtually from any device and reduce manual effort as well as paperwork.
Real-time broadcasts

Barcode & QRCode Scanner

Enable employees to capture barcode or QR code data with a simple scan right from their mobile device.
Real-time broadcasts


Easily capture and input location data and get a geo stamp for each form submission.
Real-time broadcasts

Media Attachments

Gather different types of data right from the field including photos, documents, and more.
Real-time broadcasts

No-Code Form Builder

Easily create forms without writing a single line of code with the intuitive drag and drop interface.
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Workflow Automation

Rapidly digitize and automate all your business processes with multi-step workflows designed for mobile participation. Design and deploy custom workflows with the enterprise-grade process designer.
Team Feed

Multi-step Workflows

Create custom multi-step workflows and automate routine tasks and drive consistent and predictable outcomes.
Real-time broadcasts


Easily review and approve requests from employees, including expenses, leaves, and travel, through the secure employee app.
Real-time broadcasts

Idea Challenges

Gain real-time visibility into work status and pending approvals with rich timelines and push notifications.
Real-time broadcasts

Collaboration & Delegation

Enable multiple employees to collaborate on tasks with partial form fills, saved drafts, and task delegation right from their employee app.
Real-time broadcasts

No-Code Process Designer

Rapidly design custom enterprise-grade workflows and process automations with a simple drag and drop interface.
Reporting Dashboards

Reporting Dashboards

Gain immediate access to decision critical data, identify bottlenecks, and streamline all processes with data-driven insights.
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Digital Checklists

Make sure work gets done to perfection with digital checklists. Ensure process compliance, track performance, and improve operational efficiency.
Custom Digital Checklists

Custom Digital Checklists

Create custom checklists and assign them to employees based on roles/ departments/ locations, etc.
Automated Scheduling

Automated Scheduling

Automatically schedule daily, weekly, monthly repeats for any task and ensure that the tasks are completed on time and reduce manual errors.
Performance Dashboards

Performance Dashboards

Easily track KPIs, identify bottlenecks and measure performance by role, location, department, etc.
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Enterprise App Store

Employees need to switch between multiple company apps to get work done. Provide employees unified access to all enterprise systems and third party tools, rapidly develop and deploy custom apps, and improve workforce productivity with the enterprise app store.
Team Feed

Private app store

Employees get unified access to all the internal and third-party apps they use, like inventory, billing, customer lists, etc., to get work done faster.
Micro Apps

Micro Apps

Easily extend all enterprise systems and internal tools to with lightweight micro-apps that integrate with your existing systems.
Real-time broadcasts

Single Sign-On

Enable employees to sign to multiple applications with a single ID and eliminate the need to maintain multiple credentials.
Real-time broadcasts

Dynamic Provisioning

Dynamically distribute apps by employee role, function, department etc. and ensure employees have just right access to the tools they need.
Real-time broadcasts

Developer studio

Develop custom apps with the low-code app development platform and instantly deploy apps that suit your business needs.
Reporting Dashboards

Professional services’s in-house experts will help you develop custom apps and integrations as per your business requirements.
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Task Manager

Easily assign tasks, track work progress and gain visibility into each employee’s workday with the feature rich and intuitive task manager.
Team Feed

Auto-task Scheduling

Easily assign tasks to individuals or to select groups and schedule it on a daily, weekly, and monthly repeat basis.
Real-time broadcasts

Priority setting

Set the priority for each task and ensure critical ones are completed first and set fixed deadlines for each task.
Real-time broadcasts

Progress Tracking

Gain visibility into each employee’s workday and track work progress at an individual and overall level.
Real-time broadcasts


Assign checklists for each task to ensure that the task is completed to perfection.


Ensure work gets done on time with fixed deadlines or each task. 
Real-time broadcasts

Repeating Tasks

Set daily, weekly, monthly repeats
for any task.
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Virtual Bot Assistants

Enable employees to easily navigate through complex enterprise apps and find the information they need or complete specific tasks with virtual bot assistants that offer a conversational user experience.
Real-time broadcasts

Power of AI

Apply data mining and machine learning to anticipate what employees need and make communication and work experiences more relevant and helpful.

Conversational User Experience

Efficiently guide users through apps with conversational “virtual assistant” bots that allow users to ask for what they want versus searching or navigating for it.
Real-time broadcasts

Easy Integration

Integrate bots with any internal and third-party systems to connect multiple tools and make it easy from employees to navigate through complex applications via the employee app.

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