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Super easy and intuitive

Designed similar to popular consumer apps. No learning curve.

Onboards frontline staff

No corporate email address required. Connect everyone.

Secure and compliant

ISO 27001 certified. GDPR and HIPAA compliant secure platform.

Reach your entire workforce in real-time

Almost 70% of employees worldwide feel like they’re missing out on company information and news. Bridge the communication gap created by the ineffective reach of email with a mobile-first internal communication app.

With, you can broadcast top-down communications to your entire workforce, frontline employees included, and ensure everyone gets the message. Easily share company news, policy changes, performance reports, company events, customer success stories, updates from leadership, and more, with your entire workforce.

Use’s built-in internal communication templates or create your own set of custom templates with the easy drag and drop interface. Add Call to Actions to posts so employees can act on new information right from the app.

Cut through language barriers

Communicating with distributed teams gets trickier when you have a large multilingual workforce, from various geographies and cultures. You need an internal communication app that cuts through language barriers and keeps everyone on the same page. comes with automatic inline translations that instantly translates all communications and messages to the employee’s language of choice. This creates an inclusive workplace environment and ensures that all employees can access and understand all internal communications that come their way.

Maintain relevance with targeted delivery

Studies show that almost 15% of employees’ total work time is wasted on inefficient communications. If employees feel that most communications coming their way are irrelevant, they will simply skim through and likely miss out on important information.

With your internal communications app, you can target the right group of employees and show them information that’s relevant and useful to them. Group employees by role, department, location, etc., and send personalized content to save time. This ensures a higher rate of information consumption and understanding within the organization.


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Ensure nothing important gets missed

Frontline workers are busy closing tasks or managing customers throughout the day. They can check their internal communications app only a few times a day, and may end up missing out on important communications.

With, alert employees to important communications with SMS, email, and push notifications. Pin posts to the top of the feed so important information is never missed, irrespective of when the user accesses the app. Easily request for digital read-receipts for critical communications so you can track and ensure that everyone has read the message.

Make communication a two-way street

Research shows that up to 80% of an organization’s opportunity for improvement comes from frontline employee ideas. Tapping into this can be a great source of growth for your organization.

Improve employee engagement and make your communications more interactive with Invite opinions from your employees with polls and surveys, crowdsource ideas with fun idea challenges, and give your employees a voice.

Celebrate achievements, anniversaries, and more

Boost employee morale, increase workplace engagement and improve employee retention with

Easily share company achievements, customer wins, media mentions, and more via the feed. Recognize employees for a job well done with recognition cards that can be shared via fun social posts. Automate birthday reminders and other anniversary posts and build a positive workplace culture.


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Streamline org-wide collaboration

Without a company approved app for collaboration and messaging, employees typically turn to popular consumer messaging apps such as WhatsApp to collaborate and share files with their teams. But with no admin controls and zero visibility into the sensitive information being shared via such apps, organizations are risking data breaches and massive penalties. makes it easy and secure for employees to find colleagues using the enterprise directory, send messages via one-to-one and group chats, and share files.

Provide instant access to everything important

Frontline workers are always on the move. They need regular access to files and information as part of their workday. But they have no easy way of accessing this information unless they can locate a workstation or have stored the files on their personal devices.

Provide employees single-point access to all the files and documents they need with Organize files into folders and subfolders, tag files with rich metadata, and make it easy to locate information with powerful, granular search. Additionally, make it easy to navigate and access files from other enterprise systems with’s guided and conversational virtual bots.

Provide unified access to all enterprise systems

As part of day-to-day work, employees need to switch between multiple apps such as for billing, inventory lookups, customer data, calendar, and more. An internal communications app needs to integrate well with all of these third-party apps to deliver a unified experience. With an open architecture, integrates with all internal and third-party tools employees currently use and provides single-point access to all of them.


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Measure and improve your internal communication strategy

Measuring the impact of your internal communication strategy helps you understand areas for improvement and take immediate corrective actions. Studies show that doing so can improve employee morale by 80% and can bring in 21% more profit.

Track the performance of your internal communications and glean insights using real-time analytics with drill-down functionality. Understand the kind of posts that drive the most engagement and identify key areas for improvement. Measure the impact of your internal communications and track information consumption with digital read-receipts, views, and more.

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Manage all your content from one place makes it easy to distribute information across multiple devices for the convenience of your employees. You also need an easy way to create and manage all of this content.’s Admin Console helps you manage all your content from a simple dashboard where you can customize permissions and channels, and completely personalize the internal communications app as per your organization’s requirements.

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Maintain the voice of your company

Keep an eye on the sort of content that goes up on your corporate platform, enable employees to report and take down posts that violate your rules, and also remotely revoke access and delete data, with—stay on top of what is being said and consumed on your corporate platform easily.

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Stay connected anytime, anywhere

Frontline employees rely exclusively on mobile apps for their internal communications. Office employees have access to both mobile and desktop. Ensure employees can access information anytime, anywhere, and on any device, with The seamless multi-channel experience ensures that employees can continue consuming content from the device of their choice, right from where they left off.

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Ensure the highest levels of data security is GDPR compliant and ISO 270001 certified and adheres to the highest standards of data security. When an employee leaves the organization, access to the app is remotely revoked and all company data shared with the employee is wiped. provides granular admin controls and comes with all the required compliance certifications. This ensures that critical information stays inside the organization and prevents data breaches.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

  • is a platform that takes interactive communication to the next level and bridges the gaps between people who are constantly on the move and are difficult to reach. It improves service quality, increases productivity, and best of all – it’s fun and easy.


    Director of Information Systems

    Grand View Lodge

    Amy Schulz
  • was the perfect solution to help our teams stay connected across our multiple hotels in North America! We created a central communication hub where everyone would have access to company news, ideas, updates, chats, recognition and more, helping our teams feel encouraged to share their experiences and feel united, one team striving together to achieve our companies goals. The team at were excellent to work with and understood our goals and helped us execute the setup, content strategy and roll out. We feel more connected as a company each day using the employee communication app!


    Manager, Corporate Operations

    Palm Group of Companies

    Palm Group of Companies
  • captures the soul of who we really are and what is important to us – communication. This amazing employee communication app leverages our core values and strengthens the collaboration and engagement levels in our team. Team members now have a platform to express themselves and connect to any member of our organization, fostering a culture of open communication and transparency. Our team loves it…so if you think your communication needs a boost, then try it!


    Senior Manager, Learning & Development

    Palazzo Versace

    Palazzo Versace Dubai
  • has given internal communication and employee engagement at the company a major boost. The employee communication app integrated communication, engagement and HR services into one. With useful built-in apps and integrations with third party apps such as survey monkey and google drive, we were able to quickly launch surveys and collect feedback from the teams.

    Kris Demonteverde

    Human Resources

    Kempinski Hotels

    Kris Demonteverde
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