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Why organizations choose

employee engagement app

Super easy and intuitive

Designed similar to popular consumer apps. No learning curve.

employee engagement app

Onboards frontline staff

No corporate email address required. Connect everyone.

employee engagement app

Secure and compliant

GDPR compliant platform that ensures bank-level data security


Foster a culture of appreciation

Celebrate employee milestones, endorse and recognize them for a job well done, and share their achievements with the rest of the company. Elevate culture, promote company values, and build stronger, happier teams with the employee engagement software.


Crowdsource ideas from your workforce

Research shows that up to 80% of an organization’s opportunity for development comes from front-line employee ideas. Tap into this source of improvement by holding idea contests that are accessible to all employees, and give them a say in the decision-making process.


Collect actionable insights with surveys

Employee feedback can be a vast source of opportunities to improve the way the organization works. Create and post easy surveys for your employees, understand employee sentiments, and identify areas for improvement.


Help employees vote on their choices instantly

Improve employee participation on a day-to-day basis with quick and easy polls. Employees can vote on anything from event venues to policy changes across the company. This is a simple way to increase employee engagement and understand their preferences better.


Give employees a space to connect, 

share, and discuss

Stronger employee relations within the company result in lower stress and increase workplace loyalty. Discussion forums help employees connect with their coworkers across departments and engage in discussions about their interests or hobbies.


Create an internal marketplace just for your organization

Make it easy for employees to connect, list, and sell items with an internal marketplace just for your organization. Employees can upload photos of items the want to sell, add descriptions, and list a price via the the intuitive software to elevate employee engagement at work.

Customize your employee engagement
software to perfection

Customize every aspect of the app to meet your organization’s unique needs. Integrate your internal systems and apps into a unified solution with your logo and styling.
employee engagement app

Get your own
branded app

Get your own branded, native mobile app to suit your organization’s styling.

employee engagement app

Integrate with
existing systems

Integrate with the enterprise systems and apps that you use everyday.

employee engagement app

Rapidly deploy
custom apps

Rapidly develop and deploy custom apps to employees to make work more efficient.

Connect the tools your employees already love

You’re in good company

Secure & Compliant

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