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employee engagement app

Super easy and intuitive

Designed similar to popular consumer apps. No learning curve.

employee engagement app

Onboards frontline staff

No corporate email address required. Connect everyone.

employee engagement app

Secure and compliant

GDPR compliant platform that ensures bank-level data security

Connect your distributed construction workforce over a single platform

Bring your construction workers and the rest of the organization closer with rich internal communications. Include them in company-wide broadcasts and keep them updated about the latest developments and milestones. Make it easy to collaborate across teams via 1:1 or group chats. All of these communications can be translated to the language of their choice to minimize miscommunication.

Elevate workplace engagement levels 
with fun tools

Recognize your frontline workforce and share their achievements with the rest of the company by celebrating employee milestones, sharing their work tips and giving them a platform to voice their opinions. Keep them productively engaged and reinforce company values with quizzes, polls and surveys. Reward employees for contributing ideas for workplace improvements with Ideabox.

Provide easy and secure access to the resources employees need

Make all the resources your construction team needs easily available while they are on the move. Workers can now access safety guides, shift schedules, instruction manuals, insurance documentation, etc. at any time with the document repository. They can also access third-party apps like CRM or HR portals without leaving Conversational bots help them navigate through multiple apps easily.

Digitize and automate time-consuming paper-driven processes

Your construction workers are on-site, away from a desk and have to go through routine, redundant paperwork that reduces their productivity, wastes precious time, and leaves plenty of room for manual error. Eliminate these issues with digital checklists and forms that can be filled, submitted and approved with just a mobile app. To further reduce effort and errors, create custom, no-code workflows and processes with real-time tracking for 100% process compliance.

Ensure that safety standards are 
always maintained

Be OSHA-ready at all times with Make safety documentation more accessible to all your frontline employees in a secure manner, upload safety guidelines, instruction manuals, insurance documentation and other resources via the document repository. Host toolbox talks and share safety related communications frequently via the feeds.

Measure engagement, enforce SLAs, and make informed data-backed decisions

Ensure 100% process compliance with real-time data, spot bottlenecks immediately and take corrective action. Analyze frontline employee performance and filter them based on department, role, shift, etc, and ensure that work goes on without obstacles.

Don't Settle for "Almost Right"

Customize every aspect of the app to meet your organization’s unique needs. Integrate your internal systems and apps into a unified solution with your logo and styling.
employee engagement app

Get your own
branded app

Get your own branded, native mobile app to suit your organization’s styling.

employee engagement app

Integrate with
existing systems

Integrate with the enterprise systems and apps that you use everyday.

employee engagement app

Rapidly deploy
custom apps

Rapidly develop and deploy custom apps to employees to make work more efficient.

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