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Why organizations choose

Super easy and intuitive

Designed similar to popular consumer apps. No learning curve.

Onboards frontline staff

No corporate email address required. Connect everyone.

Secure and compliant

ISO 27001 certified. GDPR and HIPAA compliant secure platform.

Real-time Broadcasts

Keep your employees on the same page

Send company-wide communications that reach your entire workforce, frontline included, with the best internal communication tool. Keep your employees engaged and productive by sharing company announcements, latest policy updates, milestones, and more, in real-time. Appreciate your employees with recognition posts, share important documents, and post surveys and polls to get employee feedback too.

Targeted Publishing

Send the right information to the right people

Create groups and departments with and broadcast information that’s relevant and useful to them. This way, employees can skip communication overload and can access important information easily through their internal business communication tool.

In-line Translations

Remove language barriers and communicate better

Enable employees to translate all broadcasts and messages into the language of their choice to maximize the effectiveness of all internal communications. With the best internal communication tool, they can understand company broadcasts better and stay on the same page, reducing the chances of miscommunication and errors.

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Post Pinning

Stick important updates to the top of the feed

It’s easy to overlook or skip important information when there’s so much communication noise. Make sure that employees don’t miss important updates by pinning it to the top of the feed. This way, they will stay up to date with your announcements no matter when they log in.

Read Receipts

Track and ensure critical information is consumed

Go a step further and be 100% sure that all employees have read and understood critical communications. Track and measure information consumption in real-time with the help of digital read-receipts and acknowledgements from your employees with, the best internal communication software.

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Software for internal communications

Push, SMS, and Email Notifications

Send real-time alerts to your employees

Send instant alerts and notifications to employees through the internal communication app whenever you share anything important to ensure maximum reach. Alert employees through push notifications within the app, notify them via SMS, or send email notifications as well.

Content Analytics

Analyze and improve internal communications

Measuring communication effectiveness involves tracking and measuring various aspects of the internal communication strategy. Gain visibility into communications with rich data analytics dashboards with drill-down functionality and glean rich insights with your internal business communication tool.

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Content Management System

Manage all your content in one place

Create, edit, publish and manage all your content from one place. Get real-time previews of posts before publishing, create custom templates, manage permissions, decide who can view the post, whether or not employees can comment on the broadcast, and much more with your internal communication software.

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Content Moderation

Keep an eye on the posts that go up on your platform

Monitor and ensure that the content on your platform complies with organizational policies and ethics. makes it easy to track the content that goes up on the platform, enables employees to report those that violate guidelines, and helps take corrective action immediately.

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Multichannel Experience

Access information anytime, anywhere

Employees can access top-down broadcasts, and collaborate with their teams via any device they’re comfortable with. Internal communication software like enables employees to stay connected through their mobile phones, tablets, as well as their desktop seamlessly.

Internal communication platform

Customize your internal communication
app to perfection

Customize every aspect of the internal communication tool to meet your organization’s unique needs. Integrate your internal systems and apps into a unified solution with your logo and styling.

Get your own
branded app

Get your own branded, native mobile app to suit your organization’s styling.

Integrate with
existing systems

Integrate with the enterprise systems and apps that you use everyday

Rapidly deploy
custom apps

Rapidly develop and deploy custom apps to employees to make work more efficient.

Connect the tools your employees already love

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Secure & Compliant

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