More than an Engagement App greatly enhances a digital workplace – it is an internal communications and engagement tool for deskless, frontline and dispersed workers. supports top down, multi-channel communications. But it also enables bottom up communications through polls, surveys and an Ideabox. However, Groupe is not just an engagement platform. It supports automation and enhances productivity as well.

 “Personal productivity is a focus area and is addressed with easy-to-use forms, checklists and tasks.” –from Clearbox Employee Apps Report

Automating processes helps scale up the business. Groupe’s workflow automation features support e-signatures, automation of routine tasks and progress tracking. These features reduce the dependence on paper-based processes through digital checklists and mobile forms.

Microapp Integrations

Another reason why we have been rated highly in the productivity niche is because of our unique microapp feature. Through this feature employees get single point access to all their enterprise systems and third party tools like inventory, billing, and so on.

This unified access to multiple company apps saves time and improves workforce productivity. Employees can sign into multiple applications with just one set of credentials. Groupe also helps customers develop custom apps and integrations according to their needs.


Groupe provides multiple options for onboarding. One can use a mobile number or personal email to onboard the tool. In this case no corporate or official email id is needed. Frontline and deskless workers are usually not allocated with corporate email addresses.

Another option to onboard the app is through unique QR codes displayed in common areas of the workplace. Employees can login by scanning the QR code. also has Zapier-based integration. This helps in automating the process of onboarding and offboarding the platform.

Clearbox Consulting is a leading research and advisory firm based in the UK and Ireland. Their research is centered around digital workplaces, technology and workplace productivity.

Clearbox Consulting’s unbiased analysis of our product gives us added motivation to continue improving while helping businesses support the integration of frontline, deskless, remote and dispersed workers into their fold!

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