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Super easy and intuitive

Designed similar to popular consumer apps. No learning curve.

Onboards frontline staff

No corporate email address required. Connect everyone.

Secure and compliant

ISO 27001 certified. GDPR and HIPAA compliant secure platform.

Connect all employees over a single platform

Frontline employees have traditionally been left out of the digital workplace framework and have limited access to workstations. This makes it difficult for important communications to reach them.

With, create a modern digital workplace experience that connects all employees and enables them to access internal communications, collaborate with coworkers, and share information securely. Share important company announcements and policy changes, enable team leaders and top management to reach all employees in real-time, track information consumption, and measure workplace engagement.

Designed similar to popular consumer apps, minimizes the learning curve for frontline employees, ensuring high adoption and usage. The digital workplace solution also ensures that employees stop relying on shadow IT for workplace communication, resulting in better data security and preventing data breaches.

Digitize your entire operations

Paper forms and checklists are costly, time-consuming, error-prone. Digitizing your forms and checklists can reduce your costs by almost 50%, and gives you 3-10x reduction in turnaround time.

With, you can go digital in days, not months. Create custom digital forms and checklists with the simple drag and drop interface, no coding required. Distribute forms and checklists by role, department, location, etc. and enable employees to participate in processes right from the app.

Automate processes without coding

Creating and training employees with new processes, ensuring compliance, identifying and acting upon bottlenecks at the right time—these routine manual processes take up valuable time and leave room for plenty of errors without the right digital workplace solution. helps you set up custom multi-step workflows and process automations rapidly through a simple drag and drop interface, without writing a single line of code. From HR processes such as employee onboarding and leave management, to complex operational processes, automation helps employees save time and team leaders ensure 100% process compliance.

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Provide secure access to documents

Employees need instant access to important documents to get work done. But frontline employees, who are always on the go have no easy way of accessing documents. They are either forced to locate a desktop or rely on unsecured consumer apps to access documents.

Create a secure, mobile-first, document repository with and share files organized into folders and subfolders. Powerful search, combined with the option to add metadata, make it easy for employees to locate and access documents instantly and from anywhere through their digital workplace tool. Ensure employees only have access to the documents they need with powerful admin controls.

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Make teams more productive

Frontline employees need to connect and collaborate with coworkers on a daily basis. But without a structured digital workplace solution to collaborate, employees resort to consumer apps to connect, share information and get work done. This leaves information scattered across apps and leads to miscommunication and delays. comes with a suite of productivity tools designed for the frontline workforce. Teams can work better with instant messaging, group chats, shared calendars, file sharing, and more.

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Extend enterprise systems to mobile

Employees need to switch between a multitude of apps to get work done. This leads to lost time and productivity. Enterprise systems also come with a large number of features, a majority of which are never used by employees, making it complex and time-consuming to complete simple tasks.

With, you can provide employees with single-point mobile access to all the enterprise applications they need—with Micro-Apps. Micro-Apps are lightweight, single-purpose versions of larger enterprise systems, making it easy for employees to complete tasks with a quick and simple in-and-out experience. With an open architecture, integrates with all your existing systems, ensuring maximum ROI for your IT investments.


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Empower employees with self-service

In any enterprise, information and documents are spread across multiple disparate systems. These systems tend to be large legacy systems that are difficult to access and navigate.

From your HRMS to your CRM,’s intelligent conversational bots integrate with all your existing systems and provide employees with instant answers to their most common queries, saving time and improving employee experience and productivity.

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Improve workplace engagement

Studies show that employee engagement plays a major role in determining workplace productivity, employee retention, and even business profitability—almost up to 95%. Collecting their ideas and feedback and acting on them is important for business growth.

Easily collect ideas and suggestions in a streamlined way via polls, surveys, and fun idea contests. Recognize top performers with fun recognition cards that can be easily shared on the digital workplace app. This makes employees feel more appreciated and involved with the company.

Stay in complete control with a powerful admin console

Customize and manage the digital workplace experience with a powerful admin console. provides IT leaders with rich admin controls to manage users, groups, permissions, communication models, styling, and more. Gain real-time visibility into app adoption and usage with rich analytics and tracking. Role-based access control enables you to create any number of custom roles with highly granular permissions, so employees can be provided just-right access to the permissions they need.

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Ensure the highest levels of data security

The reliance on shadow IT for communication and file sharing is one of the biggest challenges IT teams face when it comes to ensuring data security. Files shared via consumer apps continue to be on the employee’s device even after he leaves the organization. Additionally, consumer apps provide IT leaders with zero visibility into the users who are part of various internal groups, the files being shared, and the kind of conversations that are taking place. is GDPR-compliant and ISO 270001 certified. With rich admin controls, IT leaders have real-time visibility into all the users who are part of the digital workplace and what groups they are part of. Also, when a user leaves the organization, their access is remotely revoked and all company data shared with the employee is remotely wiped.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

  • is a platform that takes interactive communication to the next level and bridges the gaps between people who are constantly on the move and are difficult to reach. It improves service quality, increases productivity, and best of all – it’s fun and easy.


    Director of Information Systems

    Grand View Lodge

    Amy Schulz
  • was the perfect solution to help our teams stay connected across our multiple hotels in North America! We created a central communication hub where everyone would have access to company news, ideas, updates, chats, recognition and more, helping our teams feel encouraged to share their experiences and feel united, one team striving together to achieve our companies goals. The team at were excellent to work with and understood our goals and helped us execute the setup, content strategy and roll out. We feel more connected as a company each day using the employee communication app!


    Manager, Corporate Operations

    Palm Group of Companies

    Palm Group of Companies
  • captures the soul of who we really are and what is important to us – communication. This amazing employee communication app leverages our core values and strengthens the collaboration and engagement levels in our team. Team members now have a platform to express themselves and connect to any member of our organization, fostering a culture of open communication and transparency. Our team loves it…so if you think your communication needs a boost, then try it!


    Senior Manager, Learning & Development

    Palazzo Versace

    Palazzo Versace Dubai
  • has given internal communication and employee engagement at the company a major boost. The employee communication app integrated communication, engagement and HR services into one. With useful built-in apps and integrations with third party apps such as survey monkey and google drive, we were able to quickly launch surveys and collect feedback from the teams.

    Kris Demonteverde

    Human Resources

    Kempinski Hotels

    Kris Demonteverde
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