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Why organizations choose Groupe.io

Super easy and intuitive

Designed similar to popular consumer apps. No learning curve.

Onboards frontline staff

No corporate email address required. Connect everyone.

Secure and compliant

ISO 27001 certified. GDPR and HIPAA compliant secure platform.

Private App Store

An internal app store just for your organization

Provide employees unified access to all the internal and third-party tools they use such as billing, inventory, calendars, customer lists, and more via a private app store just for your company.


Break down complex enterprise apps

Enterprise apps are heavy and pack a ton of features, but most employees need access to just a minor subset of these features to get work done. Make work easier for them by breaking down complex enterprise apps into single-purpose task-specific micro-apps that offer a quick in-and-out experience. Micro-apps are lightweight, platform-agnostic, and always updated.

Developer Studio

Rapidly design and deploy custom apps

Enable your IT team to develop custom apps with the integrated low-code rapid app development platform. Developers can use the pre-built embeddable templates that require minimal coding to instantly create and deploy custom apps to suit your unique business needs.

Single Sign-On

Sign in to all internal apps in one shot

Employees need not maintain several credentials and passwords—they can instantly sign in to multiple applications with a single ID with Single Sign-On.

Dynamic Provisioning

Choose which apps your employees can access

Dynamically distribute apps to employees based on their role, function, department, etc. and ensure that employees have access to only the apps they need.

Professional Services

In-house team to help you build custom apps

Need custom solutions but your IT team doesn’t have the bandwidth to work on them? Our in-house professional services team will rapidly deliver custom apps and integrations to suit your organization’s needs.

Customize your enterprise app
store to perfection

Customize every aspect of the app to meet your organization’s unique needs. Integrate your internal systems and apps into a unified solution with your logo and styling.

Get your own
branded app

Get your own branded, native mobile app to suit your organization’s styling.

Integrate with
existing systems

Integrate with the enterprise systems and apps that you use everyday

Rapidly deploy
custom apps

Rapidly develop and deploy custom apps to employees to make work more efficient.

Connect the tools your employees already love

Trusted by Industry Leaders

  • Groupe.io is a platform that takes interactive communication to the next level and bridges the gaps between people who are constantly on the move and are difficult to reach. It improves service quality, increases productivity, and best of all – it’s fun and easy.


    Director of Information Systems

    Grand View Lodge

    Amy Schulz
  • Groupe.io was the perfect solution to help our teams stay connected across our multiple hotels in North America! We created a central communication hub where everyone would have access to company news, ideas, updates, chats, recognition and more, helping our teams feel encouraged to share their experiences and feel united, one team striving together to achieve our companies goals. The team at groupe.io were excellent to work with and understood our goals and helped us execute the setup, content strategy and roll out. We feel more connected as a company each day using the employee communication app!


    Manager, Corporate Operations

    Palm Group of Companies

    Palm Group of Companies
  • Groupe.io captures the soul of who we really are and what is important to us – communication. This amazing employee communication app leverages our core values and strengthens the collaboration and engagement levels in our team. Team members now have a platform to express themselves and connect to any member of our organization, fostering a culture of open communication and transparency. Our team loves it…so if you think your communication needs a boost, then try it!


    Senior Manager, Learning & Development

    Palazzo Versace

    Palazzo Versace Dubai
  • Groupe.io has given internal communication and employee engagement at the company a major boost. The employee communication app integrated communication, engagement and HR services into one. With useful built-in apps and integrations with third party apps such as survey monkey and google drive, we were able to quickly launch surveys and collect feedback from the teams.

    Kris Demonteverde

    Human Resources

    Kempinski Hotels

    Kris Demonteverde
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Secure & Compliant

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