Determining the ROI of investing in an internal communication strategy

One of the biggest challenges facing Internal Communications (IC) teams is determining the return you’re getting for all your hard work. We all know we’re making a difference, but how do we measure it?

We’ve joined forces with Jason Anthoine, Founder of Audacity and Elisabeth Wang, executive director of communications and PR at Piedmont Healthcare, to answer this question. They will dig into their 50 years of combined experience and share the best ways to measure the ROI of your internal communication strategy.

Books & Guides

Anatomy of a happy workplace

Anatomy of a happy workplace

Happy employees are 20% more productive than their counterparts. Here's a quick look into the anatomy of a happy workplace.

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The importance of recognizing your best employees

Recognizing your best employees

Employee recognition improves employee retention. We've compiled some best practices to recognize your top performers in this short guide.

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Holiday season guide

Follow these easy and effective ways to keep your frontline workforce engaged during the Holiday Season

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The ultimate store operations checklists for retailers

Presenting the retailer's ready reckoner of the top checklists they should have on their mobile employee app that streamline operations in their stores.

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Webinars & Videos

Fostering Bottom-Up Communication

The value of top-down communication is well established. But, bottom-up communication helps companies funnel ideas from employees and understand their needs. Creating a culture of inclusivity requires a shift in communication strategies and the right digital infrastructure. In this webinar, you will get a peek into the nuances of fostering a culture of bottom-up communication and the best practices to get you started.

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Communicating Bad News

Delivering bad news to employees is a challenging but inevitable job. There’s no easy way out and it’s more often than not a rather daunting task.

We’ve brought together industry experts Gary Ross, president of Inside Comms, and James Warda, author, adjunct professor and communications executive, to address this issue. They will tap into decades of experience to demonstrate how to prepare yourself to communicate bad news under all circumstances.

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How to overcome adoption challenges in internal communications

Organizations are investing in digital communication to boost employee productivity but adoption has proven to be a common challenge. In this webinar, you’ll learn about the typical causes for failure or ineffective implementations and strategies to overcome them.

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The compliance conundrum in retail: How automation can fix it

With retail operations relying mostly on paper documents, oral communications and tons of spreadsheets, operations leaders struggle to ensure process compliance. Check out our webinar recording on how automation can solve this challenge.

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The Hotel Tech Talk with Sam-Erik Ruttman and Praveen Kanyadi

While 55% users like a mobile check-in experience, a whopping 72% use their smart devices to look up hotels and book reservations. Groupe.io co-founder Praveen Kanyadi discusses with Sam-Erik Ruttman on how to leverage mobile technology to boost customer experience in the hospitality industry.

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Improve communication, engagement and productivity with Groupe.io

When communication is seamless and smooth, employees are better engaged, teams become more productive and work gets done. Find out how Groupe.io helps to connect the entire workforce, communicate better, keep employees motivated and make them more efficient.

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