Customer experience (CX) is one of the single largest levers that drives revenue in retail, with CX leaders generating significantly higher revenues than CX laggards.

But only streamlined retail operations can help increase customer experience and thereby generate more revenue. Retail operations relying mostly on paper documents, oral communications and tons of spreadsheets struggle to ensure process compliance even with a single store. So, driving compliance across the entire chain gets exponentially
more complex!

Join this webinar to learn how automation can fix the compliance conundrum by enabling operational heads with:

  • Visibility: Gaining real-time visibility into store operations
  • Actionability: Responding to non-compliance events quickly
  • Measurability: Tracking KPIs and store-wise performance



Praveen Kanyadi

Co-founder & VP Products

Praveen is a product leader with deep experience in building enterprise-ready, consumer-based, and web-scale products for startups and Fortune 500 companies. In his previous role at Yahoo, he built social experiences that reached over 750 million end users. Praveen also holds a patent publication in the social space. He believes that using technology shouldn't be a chore — it should simplify the way we work and communicate so that we can focus on what's most important. Recognized as The Employee App of Choice by Clearbox, Again! Learn More