Palazzo Versace Dubai, a popular and upscale hotel in the Middle-East belonging to the Italian fashion label Versace, wanted to improve its internal communications and employee engagement. Their target was to reach out to a wider audience, including the crucial frontline staff from teams like housekeeping, front desk, janitors and so on, and make real-time and first-hand organizational information available to them seamlessly and securely. Word-of-mouth and delayed communication was a roadblock for the teams. Another requirement was to connect to their employees even on their off days so that everyone stayed at the top of relevant company affairs and updates all the time.


After a successful pilot, was deployed as an overarching and mobile-first internal communication platform that was able to loop in the entire workforce of Palazzo Versace Dubai. Its in-built micro apps like recognition cards and announcements contributed to strengthening employee engagement in the teams


  • Easy onboarding of and wider reach-out to the non-desk workforce who don’t have access to corporate emails.
  • Timely dissemination of company-related information across the network directly from the top management.
  • Engaging employees through public recognition posts about either a great performance or any TripAdvisor feedback that mentioned standout service by personnel. These posts were circulated company-wide – among general managers and frontline staff members alike.
  • Publishing birthdays and anniversaries publicly, especially on the request of the housekeeping staff that made them happy
  • The transition from printed handbooks and notices to digital versions made available on the platform. While this resulted in a far improved communication of official updates to employees, the reduction of the use of paper also contributed to the company’s pledge towards ecological sustainability.
  • Training materials to be uploaded on the platform so that the workers could access them easily and on-the-go.
  • Posting and sharing pictures of the hotel staff with VIP guests who frequent the property. This led to an increase in participation in such posts and improved the morale of the employees.


  • According to an internal survey conducted 6 months post-deployment, the happiness index of the workforce had drastically improved
  • Employees pointed out that they felt better connected to the organization and that they were better informed and aligned to company goals
  • Palazzo Versace also experienced a significant improvement in inter-departmental collaboration

This is what Aljaneen Lentejas, Senior Manager, Learning & Development, Palazzo Versace had to say about “ captures the soul of who we really are and what is important to us – communication. This amazing app leverages our core values and strengthens the collaboration and engagement levels in our team. Team members now have a platform to express themselves and connect to any member of our organization, fostering a culture of open communication and transparency. Our team loves it…”

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