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10 Reasons why is the Mobile Intranet your Enterprise Needs

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The intranet has long been the favored internal communication channel for enterprises. Till now. The world has changed with mobile technology. The modern workplace is mobile-centric and traditional desktop-only intranet just can’t keep pace.

But why do traditional intranets fail?

Not built for the non-desk workforce: The classic intranet is built for desk workers. But what about the rising number of non-desk employees? Since they are always on-the-go and don’t have access to desktops most of the time, intranets are a counter-productive channel to connect with them. Plus, traditional intranets are not the first choice for mobile-first millennials, who will form half the global workforce by next year.

Not cost-effective: Customizations, integrations, and upgrades are the new normal in any communication tool. But they are costly initiatives for legacy channels like an intranet. Plus intranets have outdated technology that beefs up the cost. The ROI is minimal. The cost-inefficient upkeep of intranets doesn’t make any sense since there are so many smart and modern alternatives out there.

Not modern: Clunky user interface, poor content targeting capabilities, outdated technology, static and uncollaborative nature – intranets come with a lot of baggage! And having mobile-responsive versions of traditional intranets doesn’t iron out the creases. Due to the persistence of the intranet as the official communication medium in some companies, employees remain highly disengaged and unproductive at work and resort to unsafe alternatives like WhatsApp. Clearly, the traditional intranet’s reigning days are over.

The mobile intranet for the modern workplace

A modern workplace needs to have a modern communication channel. While no one can dispute the enormous potential of an intranet as an overarching communication platform in enterprises, what it needs is a new-age makeover. Thus, a traditional intranet must give way to a mobile intranet. A mobile intranet takes your internal communications to the next level. Not only does it serve as a company knowledge hub but it also acts as a digital communication, engagement, and productivity platform. And the defining factor? It’s mobile. is the mobile intranet app that combines the power of intranet with mobile technology to serve as the unmistakable answer to all internal communication struggles in businesses. Here’s a look.

Built for the non-desk workforce: The mobile intranet is specifically designed to cater to the growing number of non-desk workers in enterprises. Onboarding on is swift and catch-all since you don’t need a corporate email address to register on the network, unlike traditional intranet. Through the mobile channel, businesses can reach their entire workforce anytime and in real-time. No one stays looped out with the mobile intranet.

Easy to adopt and use: is built for the modern workforce. Not only is the interface easily navigable, social media-like and intuitive for non-desk workers – most of who are not tech-savvy – the content published on the channel is relevant and highly targeted. A zero-learning curve for users means adoption rate is high.

Drives collaboration: The mobile intranet enables top-down communication as well as bottom-up participation. Additionally, it supports group and peer-to-peer conversations through real-time messages and easy file exchanges – all of which is just a click away. It’s very convenient for workers to communicate and collaborate with each other seamlessly.

The best of technology: The dynamic platform of is naturally compatible with the most cutting-edge of technology — be it AI, natural language processing or machine learning. With an intuitive UX, automated workflows and chatbots, getting work done efficiently is a breeze on the mobile intranet.

Strong security: Even when frontline workers handle business-sensitive information, internal data stays highly secure with Easy data wipes and remote revocations combined with strong admin controls and robust security makes the mobile intranet app a natural and trusted choice for enterprises.

Seamless integrations: The mobile intranet is a one-stop work console, thanks to smooth and efficient integration with all internal and third-party work apps. Single sign-on operations means seamless switching between various apps within the mobile intranet ecosystem.

The micro-apps edge: One more way by which steals a march on its mobile intranet competitors is through its in-built microapps. These powerful single-purpose apps both boost employee engagement (through surveys, polls, recognition cards, gamification, idea sourcing, etc.) as well as workforce productivity (through micro apps like digital forms and checklists, task manager, etc.).

Extensive customization:’s open and extensible platform architecture combined with rapid app development make for a formidable ecosystem. With it, enterprises can rapidly roll-out custom microapps, dynamically provision them by role, location, department, etc., integrate them with existing enterprise systems, and fully and rapidly customize the mobile intranet experience, including white-labelling, to meet their exact requirements.

Greater visibility and control: Mobile intranets need to constantly evolve in order to stay relevant. One way by which achieves this is by gaining rich insights through adoption, usage and other analyses presented on the intranet dashboard. Plus, its strong admin capabilities enable granular permissions, task management, clear visibility into workdays, and relevant content push.

Higher ROI
: Higher productivity, greater work efficiency, loophole-less communication, strong security, solid adoption and engagement numbers – all this means that the returns of a company investing in a mobile intranet app like skyrocket.

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