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5 Ways to Ensure Great Employee Communication

De-siloing is the buzzword in enterprises today. The most crucial step to get rid of organizational silos is strengthening employee communication. However, in most cases, enterprise communication is lopsided, haphazard, and irregular. According to a Gallup survey, a whopping 87% employees feel the leadership does not communicate effectively with the rest of the organization. Inefficient communication becomes a liability for businesses.

It’s not that business leaders don’t understand the value of sound employee communication — that it leads to proper employee engagement and, in turn, to greater productivity. But are they taking the right steps to ensure that?

Take a look at these useful hacks that pave the way for great employee communication in your organisation.

Keep it simple: Most enterprise-grade employee communication tools lack a user-friendly experience. As a result, adoption rates suffer and weaker alternatives gain ground. What enterprise communication software need is a consumer app-like experience that guarantees employees the best of both the worlds — efficient performance and ease of use.

Keep it secure: In an increasingly unsecure digital world, data breach is a huge worry. Your employee communication tool should have the proper security apparatus in place so that sensitive internal data stays internal, even if accessed from multiple devices and by non-desk employees.

Make it do more: Communication shouldn’t only be easy but productive as well. You should be able to perform multiple tasks — all from a single platform. That’s why enterprises need to leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to push the boundaries of employee communication.

Don’t let interest dwindle: Nothing fails like irrelevant and irregular communication. Sending the right message to the right set of people at the right time is key. This builds attention, increases click rates, and improves employee engagement. Your employees feel more trusted, valued, and thus, more motivated.

Loop in your non-desk workforce: In the times of mobile and dispersed workforce, you should never commit the cardinal sin of ignoring your non-desk workforce. Think about it: More than 80% of employees today don’t work out of office environs. Making them feel disconnected and demotivated is organisational harakiri. Your employee communication tool should be designed in a way to strongly loop in your non-desk employees. can help

To iron out creases in communication, enterprises need an efficient employee communication tool that drives engagement and boosts productivity. is your go-to app for great employee communication.

It brings in the best of both the worlds. Like a consumer communication app, enables easy, multi-way (top-down, bottom-up, and peer-to-peer) communication and multi-device access. And like an enterprise-grade employee communication tool, it delivers productivity that the leadership values. Thanks to its lightweight microapps, you can easily access third party work apps and and other internal apps from a single platform.’s AI-powered bots automates everyday tasks and make regular work easy for you. Also, its intuitive dashboard allows you to derive valuable and actionable insights into communication patterns.

What’s more, with its robust 256-bit encryption, remote revocation, and data wipe capabilities, data stays secure in the network.

The best part: loops in your historically unconnected non-desk workforce and easily onboards them without the need of any corporate email address. Regular and targeted polls, surveys, and recognition posts on the employee communication software keep them engaged and motivated.

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