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A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Mobile Intranet App

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The decision to adopt a mobile intranet app is a big one. It’s the tool that will ultimately streamline your organizational effort to effectively communicate with the workforce. While the advantages are several, they only come to fruition if you make the right choice. The mobile intranet app that you place in the palms of your workforce must be one that is capable of driving true change.

Come to think of it, with the app, you will compact your organizational knowledge base into mobile devices. The first hurdle, however, is facing the fear of change. Once you overcome it, the benefits unveil themselves. Here are a few pointers that will help.

The Right Platform Matters

As you set out to shop for a mobile intranet app, get your reasons for adoption right. Keep in mind that the right mix of social and productivity features is important. You don’t want the initiative to be viewed merely as the one that pushes productivity only. Organizational cohesion is equally important. Of course, navigability and user-friendliness also matter if adoption is to be successful. The best way forward, therefore, is to get a demo before zeroing down on a particular solution.

Take Your Employees into Confidence

In this era of BYOD, your employees have likely experienced mobile intranet apps before. While you might have specific operational needs, there are going to be certain employee expectations too. Speak to them and understand their needs. Check how they believe it will add value to their daily tasks. For instance,’s peer-to-peer and group chat allows employees to collaborate and accomplish tasks seamlessly. The file exchange feature facilitates the easy delivery of documents no matter where they are located.

How Customizable is the Mobile Intranet App?

No off-the-shelf mobile intranet app is going to fit all your organizational needs. Customizability, therefore, is extremely important. Does the maker of the app help you with this effort? is a class apart when it comes to customization. We bring you prebuilt, embeddable solutions that can be scaled to accommodate a large number of users, thanks to our open and extensible architecture. Achieving third-party integrations into the app is simply a breeze.

Including the Deskless Workers

From hospitality to logistics, today, the workforce that’s without a desk is huge. The good thing, however, is that almost everyone owns a smartphone. With the right security measures in place, these devices can be transformed into work-efficiency tools. Assigning tasks, conducting polls, employee recognition, ideation, and similar tasks can be easily accomplished when you place your trust in The frontline deskless workforce will never feel excluded when you choose an application like ours.

Data Access and Security is of Paramount Importance

No matter which domain your organization specializes in, security is important. While access to your internal data must be protected, you should also be able to weed out bad players instantly if the need arises. Of course, role-based data access is also important. offers bank-level security with 256-bit AES encryption. TLS 2048-bit SSL certificate during transit comes standard with our solution. Besides, we offer biometric security, remote revocation and wipes, and several other security and compliance features.

The advantage

Hospitality, retail, logistics, healthcare – the list of the domains that we cater to is quite extensive. Our all-encompassing mobile intranet app brings your workforce together with its seamless usability and out-of-the-box features securely. It combines fun and work in such a way that you do not have to look further for a solution that truly makes a difference. Wish to know more? Schedule a quick demo with us at your convenience.

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