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Why AI is the Secret Sauce to your Workforce Productivity

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Sample this scenario: Dylan has to deliver a package to one Ms Jones in the next one hour. However, he seems to have misplaced the recipient’s address. In a jiffy, he reaches for his smartphone and keys in a question to the chatbot on his employee communication app: “Delivery address of package 5542?” The chatbot, powered by natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms, does a great job of recognizing what Dylan wants and scours through the thousands of names and addresses in the database. Within a second, the “digital assistant” spews the correct address. Calling up the office to get the address from Dylan’s human colleague most certainly would have taken more time.

Meet artificial intelligence (AI), your new digital colleague. Together with human intelligence, it is creating a world of possibilities in employee productivity. According to a report, 92% recognize and evangelize the value of a comprehensive AI strategy. Parallely, the global spending on cognitive technologies and AI will reach a whopping $98 billion in 2023. This means the future of the workplace is going to be smarter, and employees more productive.

The value AI brings to workplaces

The transition has already started. Businesses now have two valuable sets of asset — people and data. AI is making the best use of the duo to offer smart solutions in workspaces. From recruitment and onboarding to training, personal development and internal communications, the entire employee experience landscape is transforming, thanks to AI.

AI cannot reach its full potential with channels like intranets and email networks. However, new-age and mobile-first employee communication apps are a potent platform. Businesses can boost team efficiency and workforce productivity with the help of AI and automation in such apps.

Leveraging bots: Bots are invading the workspace. These new “digital recruits” can harness the power of NLP and AI to “talk” to employees and perform a gamut of functions that range from answering simple queries to fetching organizational details. This human-like ability redefines the workspace. With your employee communication app bot, simply chat it up to pull up your holiday list or apply for a leave, or even get training.

With machine learning abilities, they can also predict what employees need, making work experiences more relevant and helpful. Chatbots have also entered the translation space: they can translate for employees speaking different languages almost in real-time.

Automating workflows: Repetitive work can get really boring and mundane, and also hamper employee motivation and productivity. Error rates go up as well. Smart digital co-workers (read: AI) come to the rescue by shouldering routine and mechanical jobs so that human employees can pursue more valuable work. So with AI in your communication app, you can easily automate pending tasks with reminders and push notifications, approval or rejection of leave/ reimbursement requests, and so on. For industries like manufacturing – which has a lot of repetitive work – AI-fueled automation can be a great advantage.

Tracking work progress: AI solutions also allows you to track progress of, and have clear visibility into, each of your employee’s workday. This valuable data helps you derive fresh business insights to make your team more efficient and productive. There are also AI tools that predict business performance, identify improvement areas and also flag productivity issues in the workplace.

Unlock AI’s true potential with

To optimize productivity by leveraging AI, companies need to start using team productivity apps like It makes the best use of the secret sauce of AI and automation to turn your workday more efficient and your employees more productive. Using data mining and machine learning,’s powerful AI anticipates what employees need and makes communication and work experiences more relevant and helpful.

The platform’s AI-powered bots make daily operations easy for your employees. Now there’s no need to navigate through a mesh of information to search for the stuff you need in the app. Just ask the bot. They can easily pull up various company details and assist with regular work stuff like pending tickets, completed tasks, events coming up, and more. Users can also integrate’s chatbots with their favourite internal and third party work apps to make them more productive and efficient.

Process automation turns simpler and more efficient with’s AI. Repetitive tasks like approving or rejecting leave and travel requests and expenses are automated through one-click operations. On the other hand, reminders and push notifications save time and make employees more efficient.’s intelligent platform also makes it easy for managers to have rich and detailed insights into employee performance. While it’s engagement reports, activity data or task progress, AI delivers every metric to admins, which helps them take data-backed, meaningful decisions. With AI prowess, notifications on the platform are tailormade, search is made easy and the analytics dashboard turns intuitive.

The AI bandwagon is changing the way you work. Have you hopped on to it yet?

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