What is an employee experience platform?

Businesses need and use a lot of employee applications for various functions. 

There are apps for administration, payroll, well-being, learning and development, attendance, and so on. 

Most of these apps are not developed by the same vendors.

Learning to use these many apps can be quite painstaking.

It eats into an employees’ precious time and demands extra effort that hinders a person’s experience while going through their workday.

To make matters easier the idea of integrating multiple HR and employee functions under one interface was conceived.

Essentially, you need a tool or a way to integrate all employee service applications under one roof. Enter the Employee Experience Platform

The Employee Experience Platform (EXP) is a tool that allows businesses to integrate all HR, IT and other employee apps under one user interface.

EXP is basically an evolved employee service delivery system. 

Essentially, only the user interface of the applications is changed and integrated, the back end systems in all apps remain the same. 

The resulting EXP is also mobile-optimized for easy access by frontline workers, deskless workers and remote and distributed workers. 

Employee Experience Platform

Benefits of Employee Experience Platforms

The shift to remote work and hybrid workplaces has become commonplace. 

So has the phenomenon of feeling disconnected from co-workers. 

This has amplified the need for all-in-one, mobile-friendly software that helps employees perform all their work functions under one interface.

Since almost all workers use their smartphones a majority of the time, the platform has to be mobile friendly.

Digital communication is an integral part of our day to day lives. 

Culture and employee engagement are created by good interpersonal relationships at work.

The connection between employee experience and profits and growth cannot be denied. 

Work culture, technology, communications and productivity all combine to create a great employee experience. 

While culture is subjective, technology and productivity are tangible, measurable factors that can be brought under control through EXP tools.

An employee experience platform is a combination of communications, collaboration, integration, intranet and productivity tools all accessible from a single interface. 

However, the back-end for all tools remains the same. All aspects of EX can now be accessed from a single point or source. 

This includes feedback, employee recognition, leave management, payroll, and more.

Before the EXP came into being, the HR teams needed an average of 22 different tools and software to manage a workforce. 

Just imagine the time and effort it takes for people to access so many tools. 

This also eats into one’s workday, stealing away time and energy, not to mention motivation. 

Research shows that will-power is a finite entity. 

Every individual has only a certain amount of will power that they can use every day.

If employees exhaust their will-power into performing a range of mundane HR tasks on a day to day basis, very little of this energy becomes available for their actual work. 

This adversely impacts productivity, outcomes and even creativity. 

Therefore, an all-in-one platform where people can access all functions through a single source is a boon for workers, HR folks and businesses alike.

Employee Experience Platform for Frontline Workers

Why you need an Employee Experience Platform for Deskless Workers

As we have reiterated ‘n’ number of times, deskless workers and frontline workers make up a major part of the global workforce. 

Ignoring them is akin to harming your own business. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to pay importance to every little detail in the deskless workers journey.

The employee experience is the sum total of what a worker goes through during their stay at a workplace. 

This includes their emotions, obstacles, learning curve, their experience with people, management, leadership, creativity, self-expression, infrastructure (if applicable) and more.

Treating employees more like people than just resources is the crux of what employee experience is all about. 

Deskless workers usually find themselves in customer-facing roles. 

They do impact business growth. They are crucial to forging strong customer relations and creating positive customer experience (CX).

Therefore, it’s important to invest in the EX of deskless workers as well. Here’s where an employee experience platform comes into play. What can an EXP do for your deskless workforce?

Employee experience for deskless workers

Unification of Multiple Tools Seamlessly

Bringing together a workforce is challenging as it is.

However, bringing together deskless workers, remote workers and frontline workers is all the more difficult. 

These employees are stationed at various locations, often not under the same roof. 

In this scenario, there is a bigger need for a platform that creates a more unified experience amongst people.

Deskless workers are not always working together in the same facility. 

Some are delivery executives, some are firstline staff, line workers, and so on. The physical distance between these staff creates a pathway for working in silos.

Everyone knows how silos impact a business. It creates a divide and reduces productivity, trust and engagement. 

In these instances, good technology is the saving grace.

Employee experience platforms (EXPs) are the tools that will help with bringing together deskless workers, engaging them, giving them a unified portal for all their employee apps, and improving their productivity and knowledge sharing. 

Most importantly, these tools help frontline staff feel connected and integrated within the workplace no matter where they are. 

Communications should also follow an omnichannel approach, where EXPs are equipped for internal comms amongst workers.

Having a single interface to access all employee tools from a mobile platform is what makes EXPs user friendly and accessible to deskless workers. 

A single platform is what helps employees complete routine tasks more easily and saves time, energy and effort. 

Workers feel free from having to switch between numerous platforms and don’t have to learn how to use too many tools. 

Productivity and Performance

Bringing all moving parts together under one roof frees up ample time and energy for people to work on what really matters. 

This improves overall team productivity. 

Performance also improves. 

When you no longer have to perform mundane chores your morale is automatically high and you feel a sense of freedom to perform “real” tasks. 

EXPs also have admin control whereby supervisors can monitor progress and performance. 

Real time analytics help managers assess pain points and what areas, teams or employees need improvement.

Engagement is a Done Deal

Now with deskless workers or even distributed or remote workers for that matter, feeling engaged is definitely a task.

It’s harder for leadership to strategize engagement for this section of the workforce. 

With EXPs, a lot of tools, including engagement tools like surveys, polls, rewards and recognition become accessible through the same interface. 

Virtual games and feedback systems are also available through these portals that are mobile compatible and accessible from any region and geography. 

An engaged employee is a productive employee. 

This enhances the energy of teams and culture is positively impacted. 

A lot of brands that adopted employee experience platforms have seen a significant rise in their ratings, reviews and retention over a period of time. 

Groupe.io – a Tool to Enhance your Employee Experience

Groupe.io is a mobile first, employee communication app that connects frontline workers, remote workers and distributed workers.

Apart from being an internal communication platform, Groupe also fosters productivity, app integrations and user experience.

Through employee recognition tools, surveys and polls, Groupe.io helps you develop more engaged and connected teams.

Groupe’s productivity tools like task manager, mobile forms and checklists promote process automation and compliance.

Data collection tools and rich analytics help you gather feedback, track and assess progress of individuals and teams.

Bot virtual assistants eliminate the need for performing routine administrative tasks and saves time.

Microapps help you integrate multiple platforms that can be accessed through a single interface.

Groupe.io is a GDPR compliant and secure platform with the highest level of data security through 256-bit AES encryption.

Groupe.io is free for 100 users and rolls out in 24 hours!

For more information on our product, write to us at info@groupe.io or schedule a free DEMO today!

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