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Why Businesses need an Employee Experience Platform for Deskless Workers

Human resource teams have a lot more responsibilities than just managing the employee journey.

In the current work climate, HR manages retention, work culture, productivity and the difficult task of making the workplace a nice place to work for almost everybody.

The great resignation is underway at the moment. Employees are quitting their jobs in droves.

2020 saw most employees holding on to their jobs merely out of fear and uncertainty surrounding the sudden onset of the coronavirus crisis.

Now, as the situation abates, many are leaving or considering leaving their current roles.

Other reasons for this phenomenon is the new marketplace and lessons from the pandemic.

Basically, people have re-prioritized their lives and have realized that remote work helps spend more time with their families.

The whirlwind change that’s going on in the world of work is creating an urgent need for a new category of products – The Employee Experience Platform!

Turnover might be increasing but productivity is surely decreasing across businesses.

Most employees find business processes complex and tedious to deal with.

Functions like payroll, leave management, insurance and other HR processes are too divergent.

Workers need to access multiple tools and platforms to perform one or more of these functions, and this becomes difficult and time consuming.

As a result, their work life takes a beating.

This also leads to a poor employee experience, wherein a person’s journey throughout their workplace is not as smooth and efficient as it could have been.

What is an employee experience platform?

Businesses need and use a lot of employee applications for various functions.

There are apps for administration, payroll, well-being, learning and development, attendance, and so on.

Most of these apps are not developed by the same vendors.

Learning to use these many apps can be quite painstaking.

It eats into an employees’ precious time and demands extra effort that hinders a person’s experience while going through their workday.

To make matters easier the idea of integrating multiple HR and employee functions under one interface was conceived.

Essentially, you need a tool or a way to integrate all employee service applications under one roof. Enter the Employee Experience Platform.

The Employee Experience Platform (EXP) is a tool that allows businesses to integrate all HR, IT and other employee apps under one user interface.

EXP is basically an evolved employee service delivery system.

Essentially, only the user interface of the applications is changed and integrated, the back end systems in all apps remain the same.

The resulting EXP is also mobile-optimized for easy access by frontline workers, deskless workers and remote and distributed workers.