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IMCO Construction improves safety with a digitized workforce

Based out of Washington, USA, IMCO Construction is a leading construction giant that specializes in industrial, hydro, transportation, water, and wastewater construction projects. Serving industrial and public clients, IMCO has worked on complex, dynamic projects across multiple locations in the US. Known for its innovative construction techniques, IMCO has won multiple awards of excellence for projects across Washington, Montana and the Treasure Valley region. With more than 95% of their workforce being distributed frontline workers, IMCO needed a solution that connected office workers and frontline workers over a single platform to streamline communications, improve workplace safety, and enhance retention.


With frontline employees located across the country and working multiple shifts, there was no easy way to reach everyone in real-time with important communications. This also made it difficult to ensure that the entire workforce understood and had access to the company’s safety guidelines.

IMCO had an EHS system in place to manage their safety and compliance at the worksite. One of the most critical use cases for an EHS system is to enable employees to report any workplace hazard easily and take immediate corrective actions. While the existing EHS system had a hazard reporting feature, it was underused. The primary reason was that the EHS system was not designed to onboard frontline employees without corporate email addresses. In addition, the interface was complex and not mobile optimized. As a result, frontline employees who typically find and report these workplace hazards did not have access to the EHS system. They would report the incident to the supervisors who would then enter the information on behalf of the employees who sighted the hazard. These handoffs between the employee and supervisor resulted in incidents being not reported and led to delays in taking corrective actions.

IMCO also needed a way to build their culture, improve employee satisfaction and their sense of belonging with the organization, and thereby increase retention.


After considering multiple solutions in the market, IMCO picked to enhance safety at work. They made use of’s communication, process automation, and engagement capabilities, to deliver a modern digital experience that connected every employee.

Streamlining Safety Communications

IMCO rolled out to the entire organization. The app was immediately popular and was adopted by everyone because of its simple and intuitive user interface. IMCO uses’s rich communications capabilities to reach every employee instantly with important communications, share safety resources, and keep all employees updated on safety guidelines.
Automating Safety Processes and EHS Integration

IMCO also developed safety forms for hazard reporting using’s drag and drop process designer, making it easy for any employee to instantly report any workplace safety hazard directly from their personal mobile device. The workplace safety form was simplified to make it easy for frontline employees to provide just the basic information. The existing EHS system was integrated with, ensuring that the reported incident was captured in the EHS system and would also instantly notify the supervisors and site heads to take corrective actions. The integration also ensured that supervisors could read project information, choose approvers, view audits, run reports, etc. right from the EHS system.
Improving Engagement at Work

IMCO also uses the app to share success stories, recognize top performers, celebrate employee promotions, conduct satisfaction surveys, etc. This helped IMCO keep all employees in the loop at all times, gather feedback, and boost workplace engagement and morale.


With, IMCO was able to communicate better with its employees, significantly reducing safety misinformation, and enabling employees to work in a safer environment.
  • IMCO was able to reduce safety incidents with an informed workforce and create a culture of safety
  • IMCO experienced a huge increase in the number of incidents captured in the EHS system
  • Management was able to make data-backed decisions to streamline processes and make sure that employees followed all safety processes perfectly, ensuring compliance with local laws at all times
  • Managers could coordinate better and faster with frontline employees to instantly act on safety incidents
  • Regular communications from leadership and fun engagement activities helped employees feel more included and engaged at work, improving retention

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