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Shakey’s Pizza connects distributed frontline teams with

Shakey’s Pizza was established in 1954 and became the first franchise pizza chain in the US. Renowned for their thin crust pizza, Mojo potatoes, and their fun, family atmosphere, Shakey’s drew people from all over the country to their pizza parlors. With their skyrocketing popularity, they opened more than 500 stores worldwide, with 25 corporate-owned restaurants in Southern California alone. This rapid expansion, however, made it difficult to communicate with their distributed store employees and relay critical information.


Although they were able to stay in touch with their Store Managers via corporate email, non-supervisory restaurant staff, which made up the majority of their workforce, didn’t have corporate email IDs and were left out of the loop. Distributing flyers or relying on the Store Managers to convey important updates to restaurant staff meant that communications were delayed and sometimes missed. It also meant that the employees spent a lot of valuable time sorting out communication issues rather than being able to focus on customers. So Shakey’s was on the lookout for powerful software that could connect all their employees on to a unified platform, and streamline communications, elevate morale and boost productivity in their stores.


After comparing multiple solutions in the market, Shakey zeroed in on in January 2020. They felt that it suited their requirements the best, with its user-friendly interface and quick onboarding process. The mobile app was launched for employees at two of their stores and eventually launched to the rest of their branches in California.
  • onboarded all employees using just their mobile number ensuring that everyone, from leadership to the frontline, was connected over a unified platform. The intuitive interfaces ensured that employees were up and running from day one. is very easy to set up and we were able to start using it immediately, without facing any hiccups
  • Willian G,
    VP of HR
    Shakey's Pizza Parlour

  • Shakey’s set up global feeds to communicate important company announcements, new store openings, policy updates, etc directly to the employees. They set up targeted feeds and used push notifications to ensure that urgent updates don’t get overlooked by the relevant employees.
  • Shakey’s also uses the platform to reward top performers with employee recognition cards. also made it easy to celebrate employee milestones, anniversaries, birthdays, and easily share more success stories regularly.
  • Instant messaging with a unified employee directory made it quick and easy for employees to connect with coworkers across teams and departments and close issues immediately.
  • Pandemic-related checklists and surveys were shared company-wide regularly. Shakey’s also posted safety measures, updated health policies and benefits to all employees, and used the read-receipt feature to measure its reach. COVID-19 vaccination surveys were taken by Shakey’s to determine if employees could safely return to work and ensure compliance with local laws.
  • With rich reporting dashboards, Shakey’s has been able to measure workplace engagement levels and take a data-backed approach to improve their communication and engagement strategy.


With, Shakey’s created a central hub for the entire workforce to connect, stay informed, and share. Within a year, Shakey’s has seen vast improvement in employee engagement, morale, and workplace productivity. Restaurant staff reported feeling better informed about company policies, more engaged at work, and better connected to the company and what it stands for. Store Managers now have more time to attend to customers and focus on priority tasks

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