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Your employees have great ideas. Are you listening?

Stagnation of ideas is stagnation of innovation. That’s crippling for any business. Most leaders will tell you there’s a constant dearth of fresh and original ideas coming their way.

But are they looking at the right places?

In most organizations, innovation is sluggish not because there are no ideas; but because no one notices the good ideas already within.

Most leaders make the mistake of looking only within a closed circle in search of novel ideas. They depend on external industry leaders for guidance. In the process, they fail to notice the treasure trove of great ideas brimming in the minds of their employees.

The solution lies in crowdsourcing ideas from employees. It’s important to collaborate with your staff in a transparent manner to unlock great ideas. The reaching out should cut across all levels of hierarchy in an organization. According to a study, organizations with such collaborative initiatives experience a 240 percent rise in performance-related business results.

How to gather ideas from employees

These simple steps can help you crowdsource ideas by listening to your employees and push them into action.


  • Create a time-bound forum/ post inviting ideas from your employees that can solve your core business challenges.
  • Define clear evaluation criteria to ensure relevant and focused ideation.
  • Add incentives, rewards, and gamification to boost participation. Internally, promote the crowdsourcing initiative.


  • Liaise with internal stakeholders, external experts, and even clients to select the best ideas.
  • Make the curation process as transparent as possible.


  • Communicate the winning idea to the entire organization. Reward the winner suitably.
  • Plan how to roll out the initiative on realistic terms, based on its advantages and possible barriers.
  • Define and communicate the expected outcome of the initiative, and track it through metrics.

I or Ideabox. I for Inclusive. I for Innovation.

The app is your go-to platform for crowdsourcing great ideas from your employees. With its IdeaBox feature, which comes with a simple and intuitive dashboard, set up idea challenges for your staff in a jiffy. There’s no need for any corporate emails as your employees can seamlessly share their ideas on the platform through their mobile phones. Data stays safe as is highly secure, and there’s no additional cost involved as well.

The best part? is highly inclusive. This means, through IdeaBox, it can loop in your non-desk workers, including frontline workers, to the ideation process. Most leaders tend to overlook the frontline staff in their search for new ideas. But it is them that have access to ground realities everyday. So they have deep understanding of challenges, problems, and opportunities in the market. Think about the rich insights, knowledge, and ideas they can bring to the table.

With’s IdeaBox functionality, innovation is at your fingertips.

See in action.

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