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Enterprise Social Networking Tools - What to look for?

The potential of enterprise social networking (ESN) software remains largely untapped in the prevailing corporate scenario. Existing tools in the market, while facilitating fleeting exchanges, leave much to be desired when it comes to digging for resources and collaborating seamlessly. Consequently, they necessitate additional tools – some for social conversations and others for productive collaboration. What organizations need today is a set of enterprise social networking tools combined into one complete package that not only enables smooth and spontaneous conversations but also brings business value to them.

Business Value and Workforce Impact

In an enterprise setup, knowledge sharing between departments and teams is of paramount importance. It impacts productivity and promotes job satisfaction. Empowering subject matter experts to create content and distribute it easily is key, and it immensely benefits employees with less experience. Creating internal focus groups, gaining insights into products, and involving the workforce in innovation becomes possible when you have the right enterprise social networking tools. has built-in employee engagement features for ideation, surveys and polls, contests, and more, making it a perfect fit for organizations looking to exact value from their enterprise social networking tools.

Integration Capability of Enterprise Social Networking Tools

Social networking tools for business must work in tandem with existing ERP and CRM systems. APIs are key to making this possible as they enable enterprise social networking tools for business to scale beyond mere peer interactions. The feature empowers organizations to promote meaningful conversations through features that facilitate collaboration. lets you combine third-party applications through system-agnostic integration. The solution brings you a unified interface providing access to both internal as well as third-party applications and systems. It even lets you launch customizable ‘micro apps’ using prebuilt embeddable solutions.

Meeting the Expectations of the Mobile Workforce

The mobility of enterprise social networking tools is not just a trend anymore. Today, it is a necessity. The BYOD preference and the need to stay connected, even when the employee is not at the desk, have made mobility an imperative. Besides, the enterprise social networking tools must be inclusive of deskless employees, especially when it comes to domains such as logistics, hospitality, and retail. is a multifaceted tool that, along with keeping all employees apprised of the latest developments in the organization, also allows managers to assign tasks and monitor them remotely. The ‘task manager’ feature is especially helpful for keeping in touch with deskless employees.

A Common Channel for All Communications

The success of enterprise social networking tools is highly dependent on employees coming back to it. What if it offers features in addition to being the organization’s social media? Imagine a one-stop solution for emails, document sharing, bulletin boards, newsletters, announcements, recognition, progress tracking, and more. It negates the need to have several apps and passwords to access information and execute critical projects. is one such solution that encompasses everything that an employee needs to execute a task. It’s an all-in-one app that connects your entire workforce.

Bots and Automation to Widen the Scope of Enterprise Social Networking Tools

A lot of time invariably goes waste in applying and approving leaves, claiming and approving travel expenses, etc. What if a bot could instantly accomplish them? An automation solution, if plugged into your enterprise social networking tools, can eliminate such mundane work. The bot and automation feature of leverages human-like conversations through a single interface to complete a wide range of tasks. The feature also frees up the productive time of the employees so that they can focus on value-added, higher-order tasks.

Act Smart, Act Fast

Enterprise social networking tools are still relatively new and evolving. The way forward, therefore, is choosing one that is feature-rich and user-friendly. Making a well-informed decision by scheduling a demo is the first positive step towards it.

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