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High Employee Morale is Imperative for Organizational Success

Let’s begin with the obvious: high employee morale results in better efficiency and productivity at the workplace. It is the driving force that pushes out-of-the-box thinking, making the organization an interesting place to be and a preferred destination for top talent. The most interesting aspect is its domino effect where employees feel less stressed, and show up at work more often with an enthusiasm that boosts productivity and ultimately brings down costs.

Every organization out there strives to create a positive work environment and bolsters its efforts by putting in place rewards and recognition programs, but there’s more to employee morale than this. Setting clear goals, effective message distribution, employee feedback, and impactful performance recognition are all a part of it. This is where the right communication tool comes into the picture. Let’s take a deeper look.

Organizational Expectations and Employee Morale

At the core of promoting organizational transparency is setting the right expectations. What you need is a tool that makes it possible. The ability to instantly create tasks and track them in real-time takes the front seat in this scenario., for instance, allows managers to create checklists, assign tasks, and track them instantly and on-the-go, thanks to its unique feature of being deskless. When the goals are apparent, achieving them becomes easy, and the achievement itself becomes an encouragement to do more.

Recognition Matters

Focusing on good makes it better. Employees who feel appreciated naturally are more productive and loyal. The encouragement reflects in their interaction with their peers and customers. Of course, the announcement of the employee’s good work has to be effective enough to make them feel truly valued.

Organizations can achieve this feat seamlessly through Our solution allows you to bring the cool factor to announcements through easily customizable recognition cards and org-wide social feeds.

The Right Message Distribution System

What good is a message if it fails to entice the target audience? A message that elicits response can help overcome this hurdle. For instance, if your message is “How happy are you with your work?” back it up with a “Tell us what more we can do” message. While a simple email can do the trick, a well-laid-out app like goes a step further.

Two-way communication, consolidation of messages, and employing AI to decipher the crux of employee expectations – all through one app that can be accessed anytime – makes the whole exercise that much more effective. It empowers the employers to head in the right direction, consequently boosting employee morale.

Employee Feedback and Collaboration – Let them Know You’re Listening

Regular feedback is a great way to boost employee morale. Understandably, not all feedback is implementable but the fact that you’re interested and listening becomes a source of motivation. The whole exercise turns out to be even more effective when you send a crisp heartfelt note that conveys your appreciation for taking the time to respond. not only features an effective feedback mechanism but also offers an ‘Ideabox’ where innovative ideas can be exchanged. You might even be able to uncover that outstanding innovator with an entrepreneurial spirit within your workforce.

Everything Boils Down to the Right Tool

Times have changed, and we function in an era where systems are expected to conform to employee needs and not the other way around. fits the bill with its holistic view of deskless workforce needs. Features such as app integration and the option to build customized apps for specific business needs make it the perfect choice to streamline enterprise operations while making the workplace an encouraging destination.

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