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Ignore Non-Desk Employees at your own peril

Look around you. Do you find your entire workforce sitting in office cubicles? The answer’s an outright ‘no!’ in 9 out of 10 cases. Team dynamics are not what they used to be. Today, more than 80% of the global workforce don’t work out of office environs.

That’s a strong number. And it’s growing right in front of our eyes. Yet, when it comes to employee communication, most organizations ignore their non-desk workforce — frontline staff, blue-collared workers, etc. Reasons range from being victims of status quo to doubting the relevance of certain communications (like company news, message from CEO, in-office event announcements) to non-desk employees and lack of an employee communication platform that loops them in.

Whatever be the reason, the fact is: If you are ignoring your non-desk workers, you are compromising with team efficiency and productivity in the present and preparing for a gargantuan communication collapse in the future.

Mind the Gap

Though most are contractual/ temporary, non-desk workers are company assets. They know your business. Out there in the field, they are the faces that interact with your customers daily. Ignoring non-desk employees might be seemingly unimpactful but it is perilous for your business.

According to a survey, 84% non-desk workers feel they don’t get enough communication from top management and 75% say they are not getting informed about policy changes and company goals. Such rampant communication gap breeds lack of trust among your non-desk employees. Consequently, motivation takes a hit and team productivity suffers. According to neuroscientist Paul Zak, a 10% increase in an employee’s trust in leaders is equivalent to a 36% increase in salary.

The costs of miscommunication are stinging. The attrition rate among unengaged non-desk workers is very high. Plus, miscommunication also impacts work efficiency that increases operational losses. Your brand reputation might also take a hit. For large enterprises, miscommunication amounts to $62.4 million per year, and smaller companies are set back by $420,000 a year.

Due to a lack of a proper employee communication, certain organisations employ public communication apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger as a stop-gap arrangement to send messages to non-desk employees. Apart from being limiting in so many ways, these channels seriously compromise enterprise security. Your sensitive business data could be leaked and accessed by any third-party.

Bridge the Gap

One of the main reasons why non-desk employees are ignored is that despite having widespread access to smartphones on-the-go, 83% non-desk workers don’t have a corporate email address. So they are not looped in to the existing employee communication chain consisting of non-mobile channels like intranet, emails, and newsletters., however, is mobile and designed to cater to the needs of your non-desk workforce. Quick and easy onboarding is done via text invitation or QR scan. There’s no need of any corporate email ID. The enterprise-ready employee communication platform helps you bridge the communication gap in your enterprise. It enables sound communication, engagement, and productivity among your non-desk workers. Plus, it comes with robust security that ensures your data stays internal and secure.

It makes very little sense for organizations to ignore their non-desk employees. The pitfalls are just too many and the costs, too high. helps you re-establish importance to your non-desk workforce and optimize business value as a result.

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