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Mobile First Corporate Communication Tools: Features to Look for

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No matter how powerful your message, without effective corporate communication tools, it is destined to make zero impact. The question, therefore, is what makes a great tool that an organization can rely upon for all its communication needs. We highlight features that you must consider as you make a choice.

Corporate Communication Tools in Consideration must be Mobile-First

Your employees can be anywhere – from helping guests in your hotel facility to being on the manufacturing floor. These deskless employees may feel cut off from the rest of the workforce with dedicated desks. A mobile-first strategy reaches employees wherever they are. It brings inclusivity, cohesion, and collaboration into the picture. Here’s what our feature-rich solution brings you:

  • Real-time broadcasts
  • Peer-to-peer & group chat
  • File exchange
  • Department-specific feeds

Security is of Paramount Importance

Connectivity that we enjoy today is amazing, but there is no denying that any critical information online is at risk of being misused. However, it is no reason to regress and take a step back. Instead, organizations must view security as a necessary step to maintain the seamlessness of internet-enabled communication. is among those corporate communication tools that take security seriously. Here’s how our solution ensures data security:

  • Strong data encryption
  • Biometric security
  • Remote revocation & data wipes
  • Role-based access control

Automation is the Way Forward

Cutting mundanity has long been the quest of the corporate world, and with the advances in bot technology, it is now possible. Corporate communication tools with built-in AI-enabled bots are most effective to achieve this objective. Our AI-powered bots augment employee potential by automating tasks and making more time to pursue value addition. Here are a few features that stand apart:

  • Conversational user experience
  • Automated workflows
  • Work tracking
  • Request management
  • Seamless integration with internal and third-party apps

A Push towards Process Compliance

From maintaining stocks in retail outlets to safety, checklists play an important role to get the work done on time and efficiently. The point to note in this context is that such checklists necessitate deskless workers to either access nearby desktops or rely on paper documentation. The lack of real-time communication to get the checklists filled is a challenge that managers frequently face. Our mobile-first digital checklists are the ideal solution. Here’s what your organization can accomplish through it:

  • Assignment by role, location, etc.
  • Fixed deadline setting
  • Notifications and task updates
  • Reporting, analytics, and performance tracking through KPIs
  • Data collection, file upload, and single-dashboard access to data

Deskless Collaboration without In-Person Meetings

Collaborating with deskless workers can be a challenge, but with the right features, it ceases to remain so. File sharing, peer-to-peer messaging, comprehensive directory of employees, real-time conversations, and the ability to receive read receipts can make the whole exercise effective. When you veer towards our solution, we bring you all these and more. Here are the main features:

  • Real-time announcements
  • Targeted reach
  • Push notifications
  • Digital read receipts

The Final Word

The ultimate goal of every business is to operate on a global scale. Taking a mobile and diverse workforce along is a must to make it happen. Only those corporate communication tools that factor in each employee and department can catapult the business to greater heights of success. Build a digital bridge to your workforce with

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