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Mobile Workforce Management: Covering all the Bases

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Mobile Workforce Management

Here’s some food for thought – by the year 2022, the mobile workforce around the world will balloon to a whopping 1.87 billion! The statistic effectively answers the question: What is the need for mobile workforce management?

The trend does not come as a surprise given the fact that people are increasingly working away from desks. They are busy making sales, driving trucks, attending customers, and making guests comfortable. Suffice to say that the connectivity and communication needs of this deskless workforce are unique. Moreover, mobile workforce management is no small challenge for organizations.

Mobile Workforce Management for Better Organizational Alignment

A clear understanding of the purpose behind a particular task is something that every employee needs. They must feel connected. This problem is amplified when deskless employees are in the picture. Getting them to feel the same level of energy and enthusiasm as office-based employees can be an uphill task.

In the absence of computers to constantly keep in touch, deskless employees need a medium that bridges this gap. It is a feat that a mobile workforce management app can easily accomplish, but there is a catch. The tool that the organization chooses must account for all their needs. is a mobile application that enables businesses to clearly communicate their values, vision, and mission.

Anytime, Anywhere Information Access

Gone are the days when bulletin boards did the trick. Today, we live in a world where the organizational workforce is increasingly distributed. Real-time information dissemination to all employees at once makes mobile workforce management efficient.

Ability to share documents that detail job protocols, safety norms, and training material are all a part of it. Information about standard operating procedures ensures consistent and superior customer experiences. allows organizations to maintain an information library with zero fuss. Its Micro Apps feature makes way for seamless integration of existing libraries in apps such as Google Drive.

Mobile Workforce Management and Security

According to a survey, 92% of the organizations feel that their mobile workforce presents a security risk. It is a valid concern, and the solution lies in opting for a secure mobile workforce management platform., with its out-of-the-box features, is the right answer.

The bank-level security offered by our solution is of 256-bit AES encryption. Network data is encrypted employing a TLS 2048-bit SSL certificate while transiting. It features password-less biometric access, remote data wipes, remote access revocation, and role-based access control.

Click-jack prevention, SHA 256 encoding, query injection defense, cookie-hijacking safeguards, cross-site scripting migration, and cross-site request forgery blocking allow organizations to breathe free of security concerns.

Assigning, Prioritizing, and Monitoring Tasks

Ask about the challenges, and your mobile workforce manager will tell you that task management is the biggest one. Selectively assigning tasks, setting priorities, tracking progress, and creating checklists are all a part of it. On top of these, being able to communicate with the deskless employees continually is tough. is a unique solution that makes task management a seamless process by presenting all these features. Additionally, managers can upload files, set repetitive tasks, and stay updated about progress through notifications. The built-in bot automates routine tasks like leave management and travel reimbursement. is a well-thought-out, 360-degree solution that is ideal for deskless workers across industries. It is highly customizable to fit your organizational needs. Request us for a demo at your convenience to transform your mobile workforce management.

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