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The Employee Engagement Virtuous Cycle

Sound employee engagement is considered a major tour de force for enterprises today. Unfortunately so. Because just like productivity, emoluments, and lunch breaks, engaged employees should be a natural and organic part of daily work life.

The Employee Engagement Reality

However, the engagement reality today is shocking. Believe it or not, as much as 85% of the global workforce today are either not engaged or actively disengaged at their work. This means they stay unmotivated or non-productive at work. While most become a liability to the organization due to non-performance or low-performance, others look out for jobs most of the time.

Among this steadily increasing number of disengaged employees, non-desk workers are the hardest hit. They are the frontline staff of businesses who work on-field and can access office communication only through their mobile devices. But most non-desk workers are not looped in properly. 83% of non-desk workforce don’t have a corporate email address and 45% have no access to the office intranet. This leads to a major break in employee communication, which impacts engagement.

Lack of sound employee engagement creates a multi-dollar dent on the financial health of a business. According to a report, disengaged employees cost enterprises some $7 trillion in lost productivity. What’s more, an actively disengaged employee runs up a loss of 34% of their salary to an organization.

A cycle of benefits

On the other hand, the pluses of keeping a workforce highly engaged are aplenty. It works like a virtuous circle of benefits.

Greater confidence: If employees are well-engaged and their opinions are valued, they typically reciprocate by respecting the management’s advice/ perspectives. This reduces the age-old divide and fosters trust and confidence between employees and the management.

More incentive: Trust leads to greater incentives. Employees feel motivated at work. They know their feedback will be acted upon and their contributions will be appreciated.

Better efficiency: There is minimal loss of time, effort, and resources if employees stay motivated and committed to the organization. Stronger motivation directly results in better efficiency and, thus, higher gains and productivity.

More retention: Engaged employees stay happy at the workplace and feel attached to the company goals. This means the number of employees looking out for jobs or changing jobs drastically reduces.

Reduced costs: Higher retention of well-performing employees translates to company savings in terms of lesser new recruits, lower training costs, smaller training period, and reduced costs of upkeeping disengaged employees.

Fresh investments: Companies can allocate a portion of their savings due to employee engagement, to newer engagement innovations. A new internal communication app can be onboarded, new training and sensitization sessions can be put into place, new security mechanisms invested in, and so on.

Ensuring sound and seamless employee engagement is a win-win process. While employees perform better, companies profit 22% higher with a highly engaged workforce.

Setting the wheels in motion

It is only today that we talk about employee engagement of desk and non-desk workers. The future of work is remote where the lines between desk and non-desk will be blurred. So, at present, the crux lies in looping in the non-desk workforce with every piece of work communication to keep them engaged. Valuing their contributions, opinions, ideas, and feedback publicly also helps them gain greater trust and motivation. This makes them more productive, which is profitable for the company.

To enforce company wide employee engagement, an enterprise-grade employee communication mobile app like comes handy. is built exclusively for non-desk employees. Its mobile-first nature means the non-desk employees stay connected on-the-go and can easily onboard the network without the requirement of a corporate email address or intranet access. Thanks to its high security features, data transacted on the platform stay safe. Through company wide or focused work messages, surveys, polls, and recognition posts, businesses can drive employee engagement with

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