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UNIDESIGN Uses to Communicate during Crisis

UNIDESIGN uses for Frontline Communications

‘Crisis Communication’ is the buzz word in the internal comms network nowadays. Just a month into Q2 of 2020 and the quantum of communication surrounding coronavirus has reached epic proportions.

With the shelter at home order imposed across countries, units are forced to adapt to the changing scenario. Most employees are working from home and more workers are highly engaged with coronavirus communications.

Employers face issues such as managing remote teams, conveying changes in protocol to the entire workforce and uncertainty around the current situation. Managing a remote team requires the right tools and a good digital communication strategy.

How Internal Communications Apps Can Help

Digital workforce, revamped targets, business continuity! All these changes and more call for a digital road-map that can be used in the long run. The transition to a digital workplace requires a new and far reaching internal comms strategy that helps in managing remote workers.

The remote workforce management software should be safe, scalable and easy to use. Essentially, one should be able to reach out to all of their employees all of the time!


In a digital workplace, sharing files in multiple formats becomes common practice. Also, HR folks might need to share documents on remote working policy updates; coronavirus related safety tips; national and international level developments; and other instructions. This critical information will have to be made available to the entire remote workforce in an instant.

Feedback on employees having read the updates has to be available. Engagement analytics is an important tool that helps in analyzing trends and number of employees engaging with the tools. Features like surveys and virtual team building games to engage employees and receive crucial and timely feedback is another must have in an employee app.

To sum it up, an efficient platform that helps companies communicate with employees on information critical to surviving a crisis like COVID is a must have for most (all) organizations at the moment. A digital communication tool is a key driver in strategies to increase productivity in the remote workplace. is a fitting platform in that it contains all these features and more. This employee communication platform is a mobile friendly application suited for desk and non-desk workers.

About rolls out in 24 hours and is FREE of cost for the first six months! It’s also FREE for 100 users!

UNI-DESIGN, a global jewellery manufacturing house, and a long-time client of, has utilized the platform successfully for crisis communication during COVID-19. 

UNI-DESIGN engages in the manufacturing of diamonds and fine fashion jewellery, and works with prestigious brands across the globe. 

As a manufacturing unit with a majority non-desk workforce, email was not an option to communicate with ALL its employees. 

Using, which does not require an email id for on boarding, UNI-DESIGN now connects with the entire workforce with ease. 

UNI-DESIGN is using in managing remote teams and remote workers during the lockdown.

We spoke with Anita, an IT Manager at UNI-DESIGN, who said, “ has helped a lot in reaching out to our offline worker during COVID-19. Our bosses have sent out video recorded messages using The tools on the platform that have helped us the most are the Post, Comment and Like options. Thanks to Groupe, our entire UNI-DESIGN family, including frontline workers, have been connected during this period of lockdown. We are happy with the prompt service. The entire team is solution oriented and supporting.”

We are excited to see our clients benefit during these testing times with the help of is ideal for crisis communication during COVID-19 because it is aimed at both desk and deskless workers being a mobile friendly platform.

Groupe can be used to manage remote teams and workers and in virtual team building games and activities. 

It is extremely user friendly with a round-the-clock customer support team to attend to all your needs.

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