vs Yammer : A snapshot

  groupe Yammer
Cost of ownership $1 / user/ mo $5 to $20 / user / mo
Contracts None Annual commitments required,
need to purchase Office 365 suite
Reach Desk and non-desk employees Limited to desk employees
Experience Modern, mobile-first Outdated, desktop-based
Technology Cutting edge technology such
as micro-apps, chat bots and
workflows that extensively
leverage machine learning
& automation
Legacy platform
Integrations Open architecture that integrates
with all internal and third
party systems
Integrations mostly biased
to the MS Office suite
Customizations Open architecture with developer
tools for custom micro-apps
Very limited
Security Enterprise-grade data security
combined with biometric
Enterprise grade data security,
no biometric security
Professional services 1000+ strong engineering team
for app customization,
custom apps and extensive
No services provided.
Forced to rely on costly third
party vendors

Built to include non-desk workers

Yammer was built by desk workers for desk workers. was built with the 2.7 billion-strong blue collar, non-desk workforce in mind. With a rich, intuitive and consumer-like interface and just the right features and tools non-desk workers need, helps workers in industries such as hospitality, retail, construction, manufacturing etc. stay in the loop and efficiently power their workdays, making it the perfect Yammer alternative. has given internal communication and employee engagement at the company a major boost.
Kris Demonteverde, Human Resources

Because every employee matters

The real benefits of a company-wide network kick in when the entire workforce is onboarded. With Yammer, only employees with a corporate email addresses can join, leaving a major chunk of the workforce out. Yammer alternatives are the key! With, in addition to email addresses, you can add employees using their mobile number, making sure the entire workforce is part of the company network.

More than just a
social network

Yammer is an enterprise social network that’s suitable for slow organization-wide communication and limited inter-departmental collaboration. Yammer alternatives like delivers instant organization-wide communication and stronger team collaboration with its mobile-first approach combined with a suite of productivity tools such as task manager, digital checklists, workflows, data collection and more. takes interactive communication to the next level and bridges the gaps between people who are constantly on the move and are difficult to reach.
Amy Schulz, Director of Information Systems

Pay for only what you need

You don’t get Yammer without the Microsoft Office 365 suite. And Microsoft Office 365 comes with apps and features your non-desk workforce just doesn’t need. As an alternative to Yammer, provides just what you need, a robust employee communication and productivity platform.

Integrates with whatever you
work with

Yammer supports limited integrations that are mostly suited for desk workers and are strongly biased to the Microsoft Office suite.’s open architecture ensures that it integrates with all your internal and third-party apps with ease. Additionally, our system-agnostic micro-app feature lets you offer your employees a mobile single-point access to all your enterprise systems.

Get the exact solution for your business

Yammer supports limited customizations and requires a major investment from you to get it done.’s open and flexible architecture lets you easily customize every aspect of the the platform to get you the exact communication and productivity solution your business needs. An alternative to Yammer should be pragmatic and value for money, and Groupe is the ideal choice in that regard.

Go passwordless with
biometric security

In addition to bank-level data security with 256-bit AES encryption, transforms enterprise security with biometric, passwordless, multi-factor and FIDO-certified strong authentication.

Lighter on your wallet

With plans ranging from $5/ user/ mo to $20/ user/ mo, Yammer gets pricey very fast. At $1/user/mo for, the comparison is pretty straightforward.

Currently stuck with Yammer?

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