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Welcome to the new era of internal communications

Cathy has a breezy beginning to her day. The nifty bot on her internal communication app throws up a list of leave and order requests. All she has to do is approve or reject them. That’s not all. Soon after, Cathy is reminded of a scheduled meeting at noon by the AI-driven bot. She quickly accesses her Google Drive that’s integrated with the app, and sends off pre-meeting notes as secure attachments to her team. In the evening, Cathy sends a welcome note to the 25 frontline staff members onboarded on the internal communication app that day — without any of them having a corporate email address.

Welcome to the new era of internal communication. It’s smarter, secure, inclusive. And more productive.

The use of cutting-edge technology is the backbone of internal communication strategy 2.0. With deep advances in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing, internal communication tools are leveraging technology to make everyday communication more productive. The rise of bots in such tools can help you carry out contextual conversations with them, fetch information, and also receive reminders.

Internal communication plans are also getting a boost through microapps. Using lightweight microapps, you can now integrate your favourite work apps into your internal communication tool. Since you get single-point mobile access to all work apps, work becomes more efficient.

Silos have been a barrier, so far, for enterprise internal communication. The non-desk workers remained out of the communication flow since most don’t have a corporate email address, something that has been mandatory for onboarding. But today’s internal communication strategy removes this constraint and makes onboarding a far simpler affair. All your frontline workers need is a smartphone to get looped in and stay connected in a secure manner. is built for the times and complies with the present requirements of internal communication. It uses AI-powered bots to guide employees through apps, automate tasks and deliver job-specific information, which improves work efficiency. Thanks to its microapps, lets you pull together enterprise apps like Salesforce, SAP, Zoho, Zendesk, Google Drive, etc. all on the internal communication tool to drive productivity.

The platform is designed in a manner that it desilos your non-desk workforce. Onboarding is done in a jiffy through text messages or QR code scans — without the need of any corporate email address. You can keep them engaged and motivated through regular surveys, polls, recognition posts, etc. And constantly track your employees’ communication patterns through its intuitive dashboard and derive actionable insights. What’s more, with’s 256-bit encryption, remote revocation and data wipe capability, your sensitive company data stays safe on the network even if your workers are on the go.

Today, communication is not only about staying connected but also about increased productivity. With the right bells and whistles in place, ushers in the new era of internal communication like none other.

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