Your internal communication strategy is best based on the pillars of communication efficiency, employee engagement, and organisational productivity. And there’s no shortcut to achieve it.

The top 5 barriers to your internal communication strategy

Your internal communication strategy is best based on the pillars of communication efficiency, employee engagement, and organisational productivity. And there’s no shortcut to achieve it.

Most enterprises, however, fail to make the most of the strategy put in place. Some make the mistake of relying on consumer-grade communication tools only because they are easy to use. They soon realise those apps don’t guarantee enterprise-level security, control, and convenience. There are others that belittle the importance of engaging their non-desk workforce. And of course, have to pay for it dearly.

Here’s a look at common missteps that act as barriers to realising great internal communication in enterprises.

Compromising security

At a time when no amount of security is enough, being lax about communication lapses is unforgiving. Enterprises, which allow the use of consumer-grade internal communication platforms like WhatsApp, compromise hugely on security. It runs the risk of sensitive enterprise data being leaked to a third party. Needless to say, the damage is irreversible.

Internal communication tool is enterprise-grade and comes with robust security. With features like data revocation and remote wipes (unlike in public messaging apps, where data once sent can’t be revoked), and 256-bit AES encryption, being on ensures your company data stays highly secure.

Compromising control

If your internal communication strategy does not involve holistic control of your communication platform, you lose control of efficiency as well. Leaving control to a third-party app or your employees leads to haphazard and amateurish communication. gives admins comprehensive and centralized control over the platform. They can create communication channels, control access, and even keep track of your employees’ regular activities on the platform. The platform’s intuitive dashboard and rich analytics let you glean insights into team communications, app adoption, and usage.

Keeping it solely ‘internal’

Yes, all the employees in the internal confines of your office are well looped in. But what about the huge chunk of your workforce who don’t work out of office environs. They are your blue-collared, frontline staff working ‘externally’. If your internal communication platform alienates your non-desk workers, communication is half-baked and inefficient. Also, the set of unconnected workers feel demotivated. As a result, work suffers and attrition rate increases.

Building an internal communication strategy with is rewarding. The platform makes onboarding a matter of a few clicks without the need of corporate email addresses. is built for the times. It fosters top-down, peer-to-peer, and group communications in a way that it loops in management, desk, and non-desk workers alike. Everyone stays connected and inspired.

Sending irrelevant communication

Roping in non-desk workers doesn’t work if you reach out to them with irrelevant communication. If you can’t reach out to the right people with the right message at the right time, communication loses its relevance. Interest sags, click rates reduce, and your employees feel unengaged. Sending targeted, relevant, and meaningful communication over an internal communication platform overcomes the hurdle.

With, you can create dedicated groups and send relevant communication to their members. Tagging specific employees for specific work ensures targeted reach-out. Along with that, recognition and idea-sourcing posts, regular polls, surveys, and contests on keep the level of employee engagement on an upswing.

Keeping it only to communication

Remember, your internal communication tool should not be only a chat or a feeds app. Along with ensuring sound and inclusive communication, enterprises must be able to use technology to do more with their communication platforms. Quality multitasking leads to greater productivity. lets you leverage its in-built AI capabilities to automate regular work. While integration of all your favourite internal and third-party apps into the platform is a simple affair,’s AI-powered chatbots guide employees through work apps, automate tasks, and provide context-specific reminders and information. All this, in an internal communication tool.

Sound internal communication strategy is best achieved when you have a well-performing enterprise-grade employee communication platform in place. makes a mark with its communication, engagement, and productivity benefits. Bring your workforce together with, and do more.

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