One of the biggest challenges facing Internal Communications (IC) teams is determining the return you’re getting for all your hard work. We all know we’re making a difference, but how do we measure it?

We’ve joined forces with Jason Anthoine, Founder of Audacity and Elisabeth Wang, executive director of communications and PR at Piedmont Healthcare, to answer this question. They will dig into their 50 years of combined experience and share the best ways to measure the ROI of your internal communication strategy.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s so vital to focus on data and measure the effectiveness of your IC strategy.
  • Which KPIs to monitor to prove your new IC strategy is generating a positive ROI.
  • The crucial factors you need to consider while choosing an IC strategy and tools.

Presenters in this webinar

Jason Anthoine

Managing Founder

Jason is an internal communications expert who helps companies inform, evolve and inspire their employees. He has an indefatigable experience of nearly 30 years with global brands like GE, Siemens, NBC Universal, Newell Brands, Mars Chocolate, InterContinental Hotels Group, British Telecom, and Cinnabon. His rich insights and guidance helped these companies define and share their corporate stories and transform their workplaces from “tired and bored” to “inspired and onboard”. At present, he is the Managing Founder of communications consultancy firm ‘Audacity’ and involved in internal comms, HR comms and change management work for brands such as Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Xerox, and more.

Elisabeth Wang

Executive Director, Communications & PR Piedmont Healthcare

Elisabeth Wang is a communications and PR expert with nearly 2 decades of experience. Here's a brief about her in her own words: "Based on feedback from my kindergarten teacher to my parents, I’ve been in communications for a very long time – but professionally since 2001. Currently, I’m the executive director of Communications and Public Relations for Piedmont Healthcare, Georgia’s largest healthcare provider with 11 hospitals, 2,400 clinically integrated physicians and 24,000 employees. At Piedmont, I have the privilege of leading an awesome team of smart and creative writers. My free time is spent reading, cooking and occasionally blogging about one or the other. Follow me on Twitter @elisabeth_wang." Recognized as The Employee App of Choice by Clearbox, Again! Learn More