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Going Mobile: What Employee Enagement Factors should you Consider?

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Here’s a business secret, and employee engagement factors have a lot to do with it. You choose the best talent in the market in the hope that you can take your business to new heights. You invest in them to hone their skills, and just when your business is ready to reap the benefits of having a highly efficient team, the lightning strikes in the form of churn rate. You wonder where you went wrong but have no clue.

It is a disheartening situation for any organization. The solution is employee engagement. According to a statistic, if organizations focus on employee engagement factors, the churn rate is likely to be 59% less with a healthy 41% fall in absenteeism.

Breaking the Monologue through Mobile Engagement is the Answer

Employees today expect technology to offer them experiences that are similar to the ones provided to customers. Discerning employee expectations, however, is not an easy task, especially since top-down monologue is the norm in most organizations. The disadvantage amplifies when it comes to deskless workers as, most of the time, they are not even privy to this monologue.

In situations like these, mobile platforms are ideal as they take into consideration all employee engagement factors such as recognition, surveys and polls, idea generation, and internal marketplace. has all these features to make two-way communication between management and employees (especially deskless workers) a breeze.

The Big Question: Build an App or Buy One

Building an app all by yourself can seem like an exciting prospect, but organizations tend to underestimate the effort and costs that come along. It takes roughly 1.5 years to develop and launch an app, assuming that the organization has a full-fledged team of developers. Besides, the associated cost is usually over $200,000. Most organizations go this way to ensure that the app fits their organizational requirements well. In this context, wouldn’t it be wiser to opt for a highly customizable solution?

Our mobile platform for deskless workers facilitates instant deployment. You can integrate apps out of the box or customize them by leveraging our pre-built embeddable solutions; the choice is yours. We enable organizations to enjoy all this at a fraction of the cost when compared to developing one on their own.

Mobile Content – What’s the Right Length?

The length of the content is among the prime employee engagement factors. It depends on the objective that the content seeks to serve. If the content is related to education or training, it needs to be detailed, leaving no room for ambiguity. The consumers of such content are likely to dedicate enough time to it.

On the other hand, if the intent is to have a light-hearted engagement, short content pieces coupled with images work the best. It must be such that employees can consume it on-the-go when waiting for a cab or sifting through it in their free time. It must be ingestible within a couple of minutes.

The third category of content is more functional and affects the employee’s job performance. This set includes task assignments, updates, feedback, and so on. It is always a two-way communication where the manager expects a response. Employees cannot afford to ignore the customers on the floor to do this. Therefore, the content should be crisp, and the employees must be able to respond with just a touch on the mobile screen. makes way for all these content formats and more.

Mobile communication is the way forward in today’s business world comprised of thousands of deskless workers. You need an intelligent mobile communication platform designed especially for them. At, we understand this need. If you are wondering how our solution fits your organizational requirements, check out our interactive demo today.

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