Why use a task manager?

Stop wasting time on constant follow-ups, searching for to-do lists or figuring out if things are moving along on track. Our task manager gives visibility into work progress and helps you prioritize and assign tasks, set deadlines, and manage work more efficiently and at scale. Groupe.io’s task manager is built with the non-desk workforce in mind, providing benefits that other task management applications are just not built for.


Improve productivity with anytime, anywhere mobile access to task lists and all related information necessary to get the job done. Easily create, assign and track tasks on the go with the app.


Gain visibility into each employee’s workday and track his/her work progress. Stay on top of critical tasks, ensure deadlines are met and tasks are completed.


Ensure employees easily adopt and actively use Groupe.io by delivering a rich, intuitive user experience that enables employees to navigate through the task manager with ease, right from day one.


From priority settings to progress tracking, the Groupe.io task manager comes with all the features you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Selective assignment

Easily assign tasks to individuals or to select groups.

Priority setting

Set the priority for each task and ensure critical ones are completed first.

Progress tracking

Gain visibility into each employee’s workday and track work progress at an individual and overall level.


Assign checklists for each task to ensure that tasks are completed.


Stay updated on task status, progress and changes.

File uploads

Share files or images necessary to get the task done.


Set fixed deadlines for each task.

Repeating tasks

Set daily, weekly, monthly repeats for any task.

Task comments

Add comments for each task, stay notified of new comments.

Trusted by businesses across the globe

  • Groupe.io was the perfect solution to help our teams stay connected across our multiple hotels in North America! We created a central communication hub where everyone would have access to company news, ideas, updates, chats, recognition and more, helping our teams feel encouraged to share their experiences and feel united, one team striving together to achieve our companies goals. The team at groupe.io were excellent to work with and understood our goals and helped us execute the setup, content strategy and roll out. We feel more connected as a company each day using the employee communication app!


    Tammy Kazakevicius

    Manager, Corporate Operations

    Palm Group of Companies

    Palm Group of Companies

    Groupe.io captures the soul of who we really are and what is important to us – communication. This amazing employee communication app leverages our core values and strengthens the collaboration and engagement levels in our team. Team members now have a platform to express themselves and connect to any member of our organization, fostering a culture of open communication and transparency. Our team loves it…so if you think your communication needs a boost, then try it!

    Aljaneen Lentejas

    Senior Manager, Learning & Development

    Palazzo Versace

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    Palazzo Versace Dubai
  • Groupe.io has given internal communication and employee engagement at the company a major boost. The employee communication app integrated communication, engagement and HR services into one. With useful built-in apps and integrations with third party apps such as survey monkey and google drive, we were able to quickly launch surveys and collect feedback from the teams.

    Kris Demonteverde

    Human Resources

    Kempinski Hotels

    Kris Demonteverde
  • Groupe.io is a platform that takes interactive communication to the next level and bridges the gaps between people who are constantly on the move and are difficult to reach. It improves service quality, increases productivity, and best of all – it’s fun and easy.

    Amy Schulz

    Director of Information Systems

    Grand View Lodge

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    Amy Schulz
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