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Introducing the Task Manager

The challenges of managing a large, distributed, and disparate workforce can be endless. It’s easy to lose track of hundreds of assigned tasks, their deadlines, statuses, and follow-ups on a daily basis. As a result, work gets piled up, delays turn frequent, and urgencies are not met — all of which results in increased clutter, lower efficiency, and mounting business costs.

What if work-days were better tracked and more organized? comes with everything you need to connect your entire workforce. Now, take work efficiency notches higher with its hot-off-the-factory Task Manager.

Managing tasks - not a task anymore!

The automated and feature-loaded Task Manager is your one-stop destination to effectively manage company-wide tasks, gain richer visibility into work progress, and stay on top of it all. It comes with all the bells and whistles that let you run your business smoothly.

Here’s a glimpse of what can be achieved with the Task Manager:

  • Assign a task to an individual or a selected group.
  • Share files or images necessary to get the task done, fast and securely.
  • Set a deadline, assign priority level, and add a comment if necessary.
  • Assign a checklist for each task to ensure all of them are complete on time.
  • Track the progress of the task and reschedule or remind, if necessary.
  • Get updated on task progress — completion, delays, and comments — with notifications.
  • Set daily, weekly, and monthly repeats for any task.

Getting the best out of your non-desk workers’s Task Manager feature stands out from its competitors since it is built mainly keeping the non-desk workforce in mind

  • It’s mobile-first: Forget emails and phone conversations. Your non-desk workers are constantly clued in to their assigned tasks, deadlines, and other relevant information on their smartphones and on the go.
  • It’s easy: The Task Manager’s intuitive and simple mobile interface makes it easier for non-desk workers to adopt and use the feature right from Day One. There’s no training required.
  • It’s insightful: Your non-desk employees may be out of sight but never out of bounds. With the Task Manager’s rich dashboard, you have total visibility and control of each of your non-desk employees’ workdays.

Managing work more efficiently and at scale is a walk in the park with’s Task Manager. Try it today.

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