With the start of the New Year, the Groupe.io product team has released some cool and exciting new features. Key highlights include a 1:1 video calling feature, integration with Zapier and the capability

Groupe.io employee app product release notes January 2020

With the start of the New Year, the Groupe.io product team has released some cool and exciting new features. Key highlights include a 1:1 video calling feature, integration with Zapier and the capability to share images and attachments in group comments. We have also introduced support for Spanish and improved notifications in the app. Here are more details.

Groupe.io new feature releases highlights

1:1 video calling: Take communications to the next level with our new 1:1 video calling feature in the web app version. The web version also supports screen-sharing. And very soon, we will roll out the feature in our mobile app version. This will be a handy new feature especially for non-desk workers, who can connect with anyone from anywhere seamlessly while on the go. 

Media support in group comments: Group conversations just got more interesting and better organized! Users can now attach pictures and other media files while commenting on group posts.

Support for Spanish: ¡Hola! We have just introduced support for Spanish in the app. This means users can select their language as Spanish and see all the app menu options in the language. We can add new languages rapidly on request too.

Rich profiles: Admins can now add custom attributes to user profiles from the dashboard. Additional attributes such as location, reporting manager, title, etc can help users enhance their profiles by sharing more information. 

Improved notifications: Conversations in your groups can get chatty, so notifications are critical to stay on top of what is relevant. So we have added several enhancements to our notifications features:

  • We now support very granular notification settings to provide more control over which notifications you receive. You can easily turn on/off notifications about new mentions, post comments, group comments and more.

  • While a user can still turn on/off group notifications from the main notifications settings, we now allow them to selectively mute notifications for each group.
  • Tracking notifications across spots can be a real challenge. So we now show you notifications badge for each spot on the spot listing page. Along with that, we also show the unread messages count for each spot on the spot listing page.
  • Apart from showing notifications badge for each individual group, we now also show a notifications badge on the Groupe.io menu icon. This helps in getting your attention whenever a new post is shared in any of your groups.

Other Groupe.io features launched

Switch easily from user view to admin view: Now admins can easily switch between user view and admin view in the desktop version with a single click. It opens in a new tab.  

Scan QR code from gallery: Registering into a spot just got super-easy! Users can now directly upload the shared QR code from their device gallery to register themselves into a spot.  

Zip Zap Zoom
Something really exciting is on your way! We have recently integrated with the automation platform Zapier that will solve all your automation woes. Zapier lets you connect over 1500 popular apps to Groupe.io with ease. This opens up limitless automation possibilities with workflows called Zaps. More details on it soon.

Our ultimate aim is to provide the best user experience for our customers using the Groupe.io employee app. We are sure these nifty features will further enhance your experience and make you happier. 

Want to get the Groupe.io edge?

Want to request for a new feature that could make your employee experience much smoother? Please reach out to us here. For more information about Groupe.io’s app, features and how-tos, visit our Help Center page. And don’t forget to keep an eye out on our blogs for more such product feature release updates.

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