The fabric of enterprise internal communications is undergoing a sea change. Earlier, employees were supposed to go scouting for information. Nowadays, everybody expects information to find them.

Top internal communications events
you must attend in 2020

The fabric of enterprise internal communications is undergoing a sea change. Earlier, employees were supposed to go scouting for information. Nowadays, everybody expects information to find them. While internal communication loopholes are fast becoming a thing of the past, digital communication tools have replaced paper-based channels and are the new normal. According to crystal ball gazers, internal communications will continue to be the top draw for establishments in 2020, where there will be a revitalized focus on employee experience, operational communications for frontline workers and innovative and intuitive technologies. 

The best places where business, operational and IC leaders can brainstorm on such ideas and have an insightful exchange of best practices are internal communications events. This year, there are scores of such events planned out for the entire calendar year. To help you cut through the clutter and decide which ones are the most suitable for improving the internal communications in your organization, we at have shortlisted 10 top internal communications events you must attend in 2020. Take a look:

Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

16-17 March
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

One of the leading research and advisory companies globally, Gartner is putting together this meet where you will gain knowledge on the latest workplace trends, interact with 600+ digital workplace leaders, learn from 50+ research-driven sessions and explore 20+ real-world solutions. The event is divided into four ‘tracks’, with one of them on how to build inclusive and engaging employee experiences. Topics such as employee communication, diversity and inclusion, multidisciplinary teams and empowering your workforce will be on focus there.

Who will speak:
Patty McCord, Former Chief Talent Officer, Netflix
Mike Walsh, CEO, Tomorrow, a consulting agency
Jason Cerrato, Sr Director Analyst, Gartner
Nikos Drakos, VP Analyst, Gartner
Mike Fasciani, Sr Director Analyst, Gartner
And many more…

What will you learn:
How to plan, deploy and manage your digital workplace program
How to drive innovation with effective technologies and applications
How to build employee experiences that are engaging and inclusive
How to shape the future of work
How to lead teams, build culture and advance skills

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7th Annual Strategic Internal Communications Conference

28-30 January
San Francisco, California, USA

Organized by the Advanced Learning Institute, this event will help you “use emerging internal communications tools and trends to increase employee engagement, foster collaboration, and create a productive workforce that delivers results”. The conference is preceded by a workshop where you can discuss challenges, ideas and solutions with various IC experts. What’s more: We are going to be there as a sponsor, don’t miss our booth!

Who will speak:
Beth Ward Francesconi, Sr Director, Internal Communications, Levi’s Strauss and Co.
Scott Miller, Director of Strategic Communications, Columbia University Information Technology
Jessica Brubaker, Director, Initiative Communications and Channel Strategy, Mc Donalds
Michelle Lyons, Director, Global Communications, MetLife
Lise Harwin, Employee Communications Manager, Port of Portland
And many more…

What will you learn:
About practical tools and takeaways to engage your workforce
How to prove ROI to your CFO
Effectively communicating with a global workforce
Creating more compelling and engaging content on your intranet
Empowering your front-line staff with team huddles

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IABC World Conference

14-17 June
Chicago, Illinois, USA

The theme of this year’s International Association of Business Communicators-hosted conference is Shift #AreYouReady. Over 1000 participants are set to discuss the importance of shifting mindsets to deliver the best internal communications strategies in today’s ever-changing workplace.

Who will speak:
Abigail Posner, Brand Strategist, Google
Carmen Simon, Cognitive Neuroscientist, Memzy
And more…

What will you learn:
How to shift your mindset and make it open to novel IC strategies
How to make the most of the gift of communication
Top trends in business communication
And much more…

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Strategic Internal Communications for a Diverse & Remote Workforce

21-23 April
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Organized by Advanced Learning Institute, this event is targeted towards IC and HR leaders who want to get the best out of their frontline workforce. Over a span of three days, you will discover how to effectively deliver communications to a globally dispersed, multi-generational set of non-desk workers.

Who will speak: Leaders from US Bank, McDonalds, Walmart, Mayo Clinic, FBI and many more.

What will you learn:
How to develop an integrated communication plan that fits your cultural needs
How to use an employee app effectively to reach and engage your global workforce
How to acknowledge the needs of your dispersed workforce and engage them through multiple channels
How to overcome geographical hurdles using strategies to break through to your audience
How to manage a multigenerational workforce with unique needs

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8th Annual Internal Communications Conference

25-26 March
Kensington, UK

The 8th edition of this BOC-organized event will see a mix of short presentations and discussions on employee engagement, how to tackle silos, what tools to use to measure internal communications, and so on. This conference is expected to shed light on how we can be affected by emerging trends such as changing workforce demographics, the equalities agenda, evolving technology, etc, and how to tackle them efficiently.

Who will speak:
Claire Vivyan-Roberts, Head of Employee Communications and Experience, Visa Europe
Cecile Jenkins, Head of Group Internal Communications, Oxford University Press
Sanjoy Mukherjee-Richardson, Head of Internal Communications and Engagement, BBC News
Liam Fitzpatrick, Principal, Working Communication Strategies and Author, Internal Communications, A Manual for Practitioners
Lacea Loader, Director of Communication and Marketing, University of the Free State
And many more…

What will you learn:
How to unlock the key to powerful communications strategy
What is the role of internal comms in building a sustainable business
How to measure IC initiatives and how they link with major business drivers
How to communicate to an offline global audience
How to manage organization and cultural change

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Storytelling for Internal Communications

17-19 March
Washington, D.C., USA

As the name suggests, this event highlights the importance of content creation and storytelling for IC practitioners in the evolving world of business. Attend it to discover new ways to inspire, connect and drive employee engagement and collaboration across your company. Also, find out interesting case studies on how top companies are ensuring their employees remain engaged and productive to help achieve their organizational goals.

Who will speak:
Sherie Burton, Director of Corporate Communications, Fenstermaker
William Horton, Internal Communications Manager, City of Atlanta Watershed Management
Chandra McLean, Manager, Internal Communications, Volkswagen
Stan Heaton, Communications Program Leader, Delta
Melendy Krantz, Director, Operations + Process Management, WeWork
And many more…

What will you learn:
How Lenovo built an employee engagement metric
How City of Atlanta, Watershed Management merged technology with traditional methods to transform culture and engagement
How WeWork created purpose and strong teams when uncertainty was their norm
How USAA developed powerful storytelling to boost their employee engagement
How Fenstermaker gave their employees a voice and let their culture be heard

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2020 Employee Engagement Conference

27-29 July
Chicago, USA

Hosted by the Human Capital Institute (HCI), this conference will help you pick up knowledge from top case studies and discover fail-proof ways to create and deploy an employee experience for your organization.  Various sessions and networking over three days will enable you to get insights on inventive tools and strategies that will improve leadership skills and help managers better connect and guide their teams with minimal investments.

Who will speak:
Chuck Feltz, CEO, HCI
Bill Craib, Senior Faculty Member, HCI
Jenna Filipkwoski Ph.D., Head of Research, HCI
MaryFran Heinsch, Research Analyst, HCI
Sheri Harper, Chief People Officer, Frisch’s Restaurants, Inc.

What will you learn:
How to build strategic HR capabilities
New insights from HCI research
The latest in employee experience
And more…

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What Employees Want

22 January
Atlanta, USA

Organized by Audacity, an IC consulting company, this is a workshop for IC and HR leaders to network with their peers, learn from their experiences and together find out solutions to universal IC challenges. Hosted by Jason Anthoine of Audacity and Chuck Gose of ICology, What Employees Want is a short and snappy way to kickstart your IC innovation in 2020.

Who will speak:
Jason Anthony, Managing Founder, Audacity
Chuck Gose, Founder, ICology

What will you learn:
Smart insights into what the theme of the event is, what employees really want!

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Internal Communication Conference

24-25 November
Quadriga Forum, Berlin, Germany

End the year on a high with the 11th edition of one of the most forward-looking internal communications conferences of Europe. The 2019 edition was a big success with two keynotes, 100-plus attendees, 15-plus speakers and 4 tracks on digitalization, corporate culture, leadership and employee empowerment. This year also promises to bring together key IC professionals under one roof to discuss and strategize on internal communications and employee engagement strategies and development ideas. More details about this year’s conference is expected soon.

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CONNECT20 2020 Employees Communications Conference

13-15 May
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Organized by the Public Relations Society of America, this event is focused on the latest trends, proven tactics and effective strategies in internal communications. Connect with peers, listen to experts and discuss with thought-leaders on how to make your organization’s IC initiatives more effective. More details about this event are expected soon.

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The key takeaway

There will be new internal communications tips, trends and transformations discussed at each of these events. However, the key differentiator is selecting the right internal communications tool to implement your ideas. The internal communications app may be the perfect choice for your organization as it does a great job of:

  • Looping in every single employee in your company – desk or non-desk
  • Boosting adoption and removing extra training costs, thanks to its super simple and social media-like interface
  • Enabling real-time two-way communication through feed and group and one-on-one chats
  • Ensuring robust security so that internal data stays internal and super safe
  • Engaging employees through microapps like appreciation posts, birthday and reminder alerts, polls, surveys, ideasourcing and more
  • Going the extra mile by ramping up productivity through features like digital checklists, task manager, third-party app integration, single sign-on operations, etc.

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